For shits and giggles

Last night I had a very entertaining conversation with my friend Laura, she’s been dealing with her recent break up and needed some  help to analyze and pick a part an email she received from her ex-boyfriend. It started off sincere, reminiscing of their past but then midway his sincerity was just a mask of his resentment towards her.  His “Thank yous”were nothing more than subtle mudslinging.

Thank you for being part of my life because the pain that I felt when you were gone only made me want to be a better person.

Thank you for running out on me, the despair and loneliness only brought me closer to God.

Thank you for all that you had brought into my life it only shows me what type of person that I really deserve . 


I couldn’t help but start to laugh at this ridiculous letter. “He’s obviously still upset and with each Thank You he takes his knife and stabs you with an insult and I’m surprised he didn’t get struck by lightning by throwing God in the mix when he continues to say horrible things about you to others”

I find it amusing at best when I hear people give out Thank You’s with a pinch of sarcasm, for example :

Thank you for those many nights I just laid there in bed while you performed your rendition of love-making, now that we are longer together I have finally experienced what it really feels like to have someone rock my world!!

Thank you for those days that I had to take off from work to only spend my time sitting in court learning all about the judicial system because you were unable to read and fill out the paperwork correctly.

Thank you for being the man who you are because now I know what it’s like to be with someone who is pretty normal.

Thank you for having a small penis, now I don’t have to lie about having an orgasm when I’m with someone new.


Just because someone starts a sentence with a “Thank you” doesn’t mean that their sentiment is heartfelt or when someone states that they forgive you for an incident that was hurtful but continues to drag you through the mud is only what I call a fake forgiver.  Forgiveness is completely letting go of the past, its pain anger and grief. Forgiveness is operating in the here and now.

I knew once Laura started to laugh at my examples that she began to think twice about wasting a couple of hours to write this jerk a letter or get herself all tangled up in a text messaging war.

“Thank you Jolene and I truly mean that” she said.

“Ohhh no problem, I’m just glad I wasn’t drinking wine because I probably would have encouraged you to write your own rendition of  a thank you letter to him….you know for shit and giggles”

I’m just glad that I was able to help her understand the game this overgrown child was playing, she has already been put through enough regarding him and didn’t need to waste anymore of her time trying to figure out if his sincerity was real or just a hurtful way to get at her again.


7 thoughts on “For shits and giggles

  1. Great friend you are! Hopefully Laura doesn’t give her ex one second of a thought (which would be a total waste of her day) after reading his letter and spending time with you last night. Girls rock! And so does that eCard!

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