I was nine when it began

The house was so dark that I couldn’t even see my hand in front of my face, everyone had gone to sleep and I had to go to the bathroom…..but to get there I would have to go down the eerie dark hallway, normally there is a light illumining the hall but not tonight. I stumbled out of bed and turned my bedroom light on and in the corner I saw something move…..I inched closer to the doorway and there it was….. a grasshopper. I jumped back on my bed and jumped right over the grasshopper that was standing in the doorway and ran down the hallway to the bathroom.

Sitting on the toilet doing everything possible to stay awake, something by the doorway caught my eye…. there it was…..the grasshopper. He followed me into the bathroom and now I’m trapped. What to do ,what to do!!! I wasn’t going to yell for my dad or mom…..they wouldn’t hear me anyways……..THINK!!!  I quickly wiped, flushed, put the lid down, climbed on the sink and hopped over the grasshopper and ran back to my room, closed the door and tried to go back to sleep with the lights on.

Morning came too quick……I was being yelled at to hurry up, so I quickly put on my catholic school red and blue plaid uniform, put my socks on and then shoved my feet into my shoes and headed to the kitchen for breakfast. Something just didn’t feel right….my shoe felt tighter….maybe my sock got  bunched up, I wiggled my toes to get them unbunched…but nothing helped, so I took my shoe off and I let out a loud scream….as my shoe fell to the floor the stupid grasshopper tumbled out dead…smooched…..by this time I was sitting on top of the table hyperventilating as my mom and dad came over to find out what was wrong with me. When I managed to tell the story my dad was in a fit of laughter and my mom trying not to laugh tried to give me tea………………..TEA??? Really???  tears continued to roll down my face, I could still feel it …….I could still see those buggy eyes staring at me……the same ones that met me at my bedroom door and followed me to the bathroom……WHY, WHY did it have to follow me back to my room and find a nice home for the night in my shoe?? WHY??

It was that morning when my phobia of grasshoppers began!!


I wish it looked this cute ……




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