I love you honey, but can I shove this brick up your ass?

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Girls night out never happened…….well it did, but I decided not to join them and now I’m hearing all about it. In the first thirty minutes of sitting down in my office I have heard “I knew you would chicken out, I knew you really didn’t want to come, you missed out”. I was expecting it but I did give them plenty of notice that I wasn’t going to join them…..and as much as I was looking forward to going I wasn’t expecting my husband and our furgirl Lily to keep me awake with their snoring the night before and I didn’t think our reconstruction of our fire pit would kick my ass and render me useless once evening came.

I thought that this project was going to be a piece of cake!  I was supposed to remove all the bricks, place them in a nice little line on the side of the shed and then find all the round bricks that are lining the fence ( that kept creepy critters away) and place them by the pit. …..sounds easy, right?? What I didn’t take into consideration was the Arkansas humidity, the lack of sleep I had the night before and that I am a big baby when it comes to manual labor!!

Two hours in I was about to die…….the furkids pool looked mighty tempting, all I wanted to do was kick myself in the ass for agreeing to this stupid project!! The hubby kept checking up on me, which became quite annoying …. He had his own yard work to do and I didn’t need to hear how my bricks weren’t lining up, seriously who is going to see them anyways??


“Why couldn’t we do this is the winter?” I mumbled to myself, not knowing he was around the corner…..shit did he hear all the other bitchin and moaning I was doing? He came up to me, kissed me and said “Thank you for helping out you are doing a great job, I know you aren’t use to working out in the humidity”…….ok so I no longer wanted to shove a brick up his ass…… “Thanks honey, I just didn’t get the Mexican worker gene”……he laughed “honey….no you didn’t, but I love you anyways”.

Needless to say, my honey did a great job with the fire pit……… I know if I was left in charge of putting the fire pit together it wouldn’t have turned out to be a circle.


My next project will not take place out in the sweltering heat……it will be indoors. I am redoing the master bathroom…..first things first…. remove this hideous wallpaper!!  The previous owners picked out some horrendous wallpaper…..you should have seen the guest bathroom!! ICK!!



8 thoughts on “I love you honey, but can I shove this brick up your ass?

    • hahahah….I don’t use the master bathroom anymore…..I redid the guest bathroom and have been using that one…..it’s PREEETTYYYY……but I really really want to soak in that tub, but there’s no way it would be relaxing while that wallpaper is plastered all around me!! urgh

  1. I saw that picture of the bathroom before I read the line above and I thought, “please let her next project be that wallpaper” and luckily it was! The funny thing is, I bet the previous owners thought that wallpaper looked amazing at the time. It makes me wonder what decisions I will come to regret in 10 years…

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