Yes it’s true….I’m A Scaredy Cat


Yep, this is me…..a scaredy cat!!  I thought I would share ten things that I fear …….

10.   Things that go bump in the night. I blame this on all the scary movies I watched while I was a teenager. Thanks FREDDY!!!


9.   Losing my teeth. I have dreams of just going about my business and next thing I know my teeth begin to fall out, it’s the scariest feeling ever!!!

download (2)

8.   Snakes. You can read about it here …. Ohhh my gosh, what the heck is that

7.  Creepy Crawlies


6.  Having a Sandra Bullock moment

images (3)

If you have no clue what I mean by this, let me just tell you. In the movie 2 Weeks Notice, Sandra and Hugh are stuck on a bridge, her stomach starts to rumble…..she starts to sweat……she has to go to the bathroom BAD and not just  #1 …’s a whole lot of #2 and then some.  My friends and children know that when I start driving faster, the windows go down, I  begin to wiggle in my seat….beads of sweat start forming I’m in the throes of my own Sandra Bullock moment and I better find a bathroom ASAP!!…..I simply fear that there will not be a bathroom in sight and I will have to make that dreadful decision…………….to go or not to go, in my car!

5. Tight spaces.

Yes, I struggle with claustrophobia …… I can be in an elevator packed to its capacity and I start to panic, thoughts of the “what ifs” start to flood my thoughts…..dread…but it never fails I’m always the one pushed to the back corner….smooshed against the wall…..I can’t breath and it’s taking forever to get to my floor!!! …..I.HATE.TIGHT.SPACES.

4. Driving by myself at night. Blame it on the scary movies because when I am alone driving on a dark spooky road visions of something popping out in front of me come to mind. It never fails.


3.  Giving a speech.   WILL NOT DO IT…..I will admit it, I fear judgment…..I fear people snickering and making fun of me while I am giving a speech. Making fun of what I am wearing, what I’m saying, making fun of me because I’m nervous……………ok maybe no one is judging me but like I mentioned in a previous post, I would take an F or fake an illness before standing up in front of a group of people to give a speech.

2. My children dying before me

1. Fear of losing peace of mind, again.  Always having to be alert of my surroundings in fear that I was  being watched by Mr.Crazy, not being able to sleep because I feared that Mr. Crazy may be lurking outside my window. Knowing he was driving through my complex at all hours of the night was just disturbing. It is nice to finally feel safe again… have peace of mind that no one is “watching me”.

What do you fear ? 



13 thoughts on “Yes it’s true….I’m A Scaredy Cat

  1. Oh #2 is an awful one. 😦
    And #10 is the reason I have a strict NO SCARY MOVIES rule. It’s done well by me so far. 😉
    I fear failure and regret—looking back on my life and realizing I didn’t take chances or didn’t pay attention to the things that mattered. It’s cliche, I think, but that’s the big one.

    • I’m used to failure so that doesn’t bother me sooo much…hahaha….kidding.

      I hate scary movies…….I always have to turn the channel when a preview of a scary movie comes on.

    • I found this : In the field of dream interpretation, teeth falling out are associated with loss and important life changes. This symbol points to feelings of insecurity or vulnerability regarding a recent event that disrupted your life.

      Such dreams indicate that you are dealing with loss in one way or another: It could be a sudden loss, like an abrupt end to a relationship or job change; it could also be a more gradual process of releasing old ways of living and adopting new habits. For instance, you could have this type of dream after moving, changing jobs, ending a relationship or starting a new one. These are important emotionally charged changes that may be expressed through the symbolism of teeth falling out.

  2. Almost all the same as you, most especially petrified of spiders. Will scream if even a tiny one crosses my path. Claustrophobic to a high degree. Won’t get on airplanes because they’re like a tin can to me. Elevators once in a while, but only if it’s not full. Still somewhat afraid of giving a speech, but that has dissipated of late. My two worst though, are spiders and tight spaces.

      • OMG, here, grasshoppers are as big as that Alien thing that came out of their stomachs in the movie. I can see them staring me in the eye, daring them to come near them. They look like they can stick like glue if they land on you. ACK!

  3. Oh my gosh. I watched all the Freddy movies but I’m deathly afraid of him! I still can’t sleep at night whenever I remember his movie scenes! And that last bit – oh my. That really sucks. I hope Mr. Crazy leaves you alone soon. Not having a peace of mind is nerve-wracking and stressful! So sorry. 😦

    • Mr.Crazy sorta/kinda has left me alone……..his recent slam on facebook wasn’t cool….but I’m just happy that I no longer live anywhere near him. I feel safer now.

      HATE FREDDY…..hate him!! hahaha

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