V-Steam anyone??

8936ce6fcd8a8649892eb08d80832183I woke up this morning to a pain that I can only describe as having some evil man beating in your skull with a club over and over again…….yeah I woke up with a massive migraine. My husband and furkids were just blurry shadows and it took every ounce of me to walk to the bathroom and grab my migraine medicine. I knew I should of taken something when I woke up to my head pounding earlier but I was hoping it would just go away……………but it didn’t, now I was in the worst pain imaginable………….child birth?…a total breeze… kidney stones? ok that hurt but  nothing compared to what I was feeling….was this what it feels like to have your head gnawed on by a grizzly?

I briefly remember my husband kissing me good-bye and telling our Furkids to be on their best behavior because mommy was sick. I remember my furgirl,Lily licking my tears off my cheek and cuddling close to me, while Dart climbed up on daddies pillow and fell back to sleep.

It wasn’t until a little after one that I felt somewhat human again and decided to head to the couch. I channeled surfed for a while …and nothing…then I remembered that I had a bunch of my girly shows that I needed to watch. After watching the Real Housewives of New Jersey and Orange County; I turned on Tia and Tamera and let me just tell you, laughter is the best medicine!! Those two are a riot especially when they head to a spa to get a steam facial to only find out that the V Steam that they signed up for was not for the face it was for their vagina.

Well SIGN ME UP!!! …… I’m game for anything that will rejuvenate any part of me!! Do I hear a girls day at the spa!!! I can see it now…….a bunch of girls sitting around getting the V herbal special while sippin on some bubbly and giggling about the crazy sensation that was happening down below!!


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