Girls Night Out: since when are men and children allowed ?

230724a2590bab32a22fc07a650991b0Three weeks ago the girls here in the office planned a “Girls Night Out” for this coming Friday. This outing would consist of dinner,drinks and to scare ourselves silly at the opening night of The Conjuring.  I did my best at trying to convince the girls to have the Girls Night Out in the afternoon because I know how I am after watching a scary movie….I’m a big sissy pants, but nothing I said made them cave.

It’s only Tuesday and people are backing out but BIG SISSY PANTS isn’t although come time when the lights go down in the movie theater I may excuse myself to the bathroom and never come back..

I hear the girls down the hall chit chatting about this Friday and next thing I hear is one of my co-workers say she may just bring her husband because he wants to see the movie too…………..hmmmm what??……..then other wants to bring their kids…………..EXCUSE ME??

I haven’t had a girls night in such a long time but what I do remember is that men and kids aren’t allowed. It’s not like we are going to get all dressed up and hit the town, come on……I’m not living in some big city anymore and we aren’t going to get our drink on to only have to call our spouses to come pick us up. It was dinner, a couple of drinks and a scary ass movie. So I sauntered up to the front desk and casually pointed out that the last time I checked men and children weren’t allowed …….but if we were going to turn this into FAMILY NIGHT then just let me know……I think my furkids Lily,Dart and Sami would love to get teeth into a nice juicy steak but they  probably say “heck no” to a scary  movie, they are a bunch of  big sissy like their mommy!!

So I really don’t know what Friday night will entail but somehow some way I will end the night with a glass of wine and my handsome hubby by my side!!


10 thoughts on “Girls Night Out: since when are men and children allowed ?

  1. I agree! That sucks! You’ve got to have time to just catch up with the girls without interruptions, or having to watch your tongue. Hope it goes well:)!

      • I’d remain in then and cuddle my spouse. If it’s not a real girls’ night I’d stay in the house! Children are gorgeous, I love them to bits. But if you’re out for an evening they’d get on your…..nerves.:)x

        • Ohh I agree with you and if the plans change to include their kids then I will just tell them that I would rather stay home and we can plan something for us girls at a later time……..honestly I don’t have the patience for little kids anymore….hahaha….it’s been a LONG time since my kids were little!!

  2. Come to Nashville and let’s have a true girl’s night! I HATE when an all girls event turns into a…cluster with kids and men. My circle of friends so rarely gets together, it’s nice just to have females and not have to watch our conversations! 🙂

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