Honey, Lily is a little moody..you kept her up last night!



My husband hardly snores but when he does, it’s quite “special” to say the least. It’s not your normal snore; it’s a snore “caw caw” snore “caw caw” combo. Normally,  he will stop after a while usually a little nudge does the trick, but sometimes he’s soooooo tired that I won’t bother him so the furkids and I go to the couch.

Now …before I go on let me just say that I snore too…totally guilty….I snore when I’m totally exhausted and at times I have woken myself up thinking it was my husband who was making all noise but nope it was me.

Last night, while we were settling in for the night……see drawing below……and DON’T laugh….I can totally hear you. I have never been able to draw and I know that you are probably saying to yourself  “my two-year old can draw better than that”…..I totally believe you!!  I just Thank God that my kids got their drawing ability from their father.


Anyways…….as you can see  Dart was laying on the body pillow which lays against the headboard above my head, Lily was sleeping beside me and Sami who decided to stay in for the night was nestled close to my ass…..meanwhile, hubby was sound asleep sawing logs and imitating bird noises.  It was about midnight when Lily had enough and jumped off the bed and with a loud “huff” she settles into her bed……ten minutes goes by and Miss Lily gets out of her bed…walks to the middle of the room, turns and looks at me …I can only imagine what she was thinking “Mom, let’s go I need my beauty rest and dad is making too much noise!”. I wanted to leave, but then Sami was comfy…I only knew that if I moved then she would start meowing to go outside and roam the woods. Lily walks to the doorway and this time she stops….turns around….and stares at me and gives another “huff”, ok she’s annoyed….I’m annoyed, she can feel it…….so I get up and with Sami,pillow and blanket in hand I move to the couch. Dart soon follows and before long I have all three animals nestled along side me on the couch.

Finally, quiet ……. I was almost to dreamland when I heard………”meow meow meow” …..ahhh crap.




13 thoughts on “Honey, Lily is a little moody..you kept her up last night!

  1. My wife and I call it “breathing enthusiastically!” Jolene, we have tried everything, even remedies not yet even known to mankind…nothing! It has taken the better part of 10 years to finally get used to getting through the night. Great post!

    Also, thank you for reposting our “Adult Bullying” story. It needs a lot of exposure as we all have bullies to contend with. Take care.


    • I’m SOMETHING alright….just no where close to Picasso hahahaha….but thanks, I laughed……and I needed that considering I’m sooooo tired. I think he is in store for a little pay back, because I have a feeling i will be sawing my own set of logs tonight!!

    • Lily snores to and Dart licks his lips when he sleeps …….the funny thing about that is when my husband starts licking his lips while he is asleep…. then Dart will do it to, they go back and forth for awhile and THEY ARE SLEEPING!!! drives me batty!! hahahaha…but I love them!!

  2. You draw better than I do. I promise.

    But at least you have nice handwriting!
    I think I would rather have nice handwriting than exceptional drawing ability.
    Then again . . . I don’t even have PASSABLE drawing ability.

    Hope you were finally able to get some sleep!

  3. oh my lord…..you said caw caw….the last time I heard caw caw…I was watching beautiful gorgeous fly fishermen…and tammy threw out the caw caw very loud…she left me standing there …in the reeds. if you ever saw a gazelle run….that was me. HOWEVER, that costs me a very nice and long rest of the night two stepping dance with the hottest one of em….under the solstice moon. (have mercy child) and some very interesting calls to say the least.

    caw caw aint so bad.


    meow meow…I feel for you.

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