Did you just give me the bird??


Showing off my new riding gloves….I know, I’m stylin….hahaha

This past weekend my husband and I took a ride up to Jasper,Ar  the weather was perfect…..mid-eighties hardly any humidity, again PERFECT!!  The last time we attempted to ride up to Jasper, the whole town lost power and the yummy hamburger that I was craving had to wait for another time…..which I was able to finally sink my teeth into this past Sunday.

While riding with my husband I’ve noticed that there is a universal hand signal for bikers…..at first I just thought that when my husband was giving this signal that he knew the person that we had just passed, but after a while I realized that this couldn’t possibly be the case.  “Honey, I think it’s really cute that you guys give one another the peace sign when you pass”……”it’s NOT a peace sign” he corrected me…. “ok, the upside down… hello..hey how you doing..have a safe ride peace sign”.

The more I paid attention I noticed that there are different versions of the “hey how ya doing..have a safe ride..hello” sign. I attempted to take pictures of this during my ride but all I got were blurry pictures sooooo I found this .

images (1)

This is the typical sign…..but some don’t even bother with it…it’s like their too cool to say hello to a fellow rider, or you have those that will actually give you the peace sign because they don’t want to take their hands off the handle bars, then  you have the low rider… i’m too cool to give you two fingers I’m going to give you all five…..I was apprehensive at first, should I jump into this biker formality, I’m just a newbie, what if I do it wrong and flip them the bird instead? This Sunday I jumped right in and did my newbie version of the upside down hey how ya doin’ peace sign….which seemed to be well received.

I have really started to enjoy the days when we decide to go riding, it’s not for the thrill and my need for speed. I tend to close my eyes and yell obscenities  under my helmet while the Mister takes a curve way above the posted speed limit, but I have found that while being on the back of his bike I am able to open my mind and just let the creative juices flow…..now if I can remember half the things that I want to write about by the time I get home that would be amazing. What I need is a tiny notebook and jot down my thoughts but I would just look silly doing that!!  Sometimes though my thoughts get interrupted by the rumbling sound of a herd of Harley’s passing us by or they simultaneously rev up their engines while waiting at the light. Why must they do this?? ……. Why must those beautiful bikes be so loud?? I get that loud noise saves lives….but if your deaf from the loudness of your bike how can you possibly hear anything coming your way??  ………..but there I am trying to stay deep in thought, struggling over the noise, my ears begin to throb…..I swear I don’t know how they can hear after a day ride, ear plugs couldn’t drown out that sound.

To each his own I guess………



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