Facebook: Friend, Foe or a way to see if someone has one too many screws loose

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When I started Facebook it was mainly to  keep an eye on my children, keep in touch with close friends and family, it was also a great way to avoid going to High School reunions…..but I guess I really didn’t need Facebook for that considering all I needed to do was walk into Costco or attend our yearly fair and *poof*   I see many faces that I went to school with……we smile, wave, pass by with a whispered hello. Which to be honest I’m ok with ……it saves me from having to hit the gym and starve myself!!

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Facebook is a great place to show how wishy washy you really are.It’s also a great way to see if the man/woman you are thinking about dating has any screws loose.  If in one post they state that they are great and on top of the world, an hour later they post that they are angry as hell , 3 hours later they post a positive affirmation about life,love and happiness, ten minutes later they are sad and hate being alone…..stop the roller coaster and get off ……..and some how tell the person to please choose a personality and STICK WITH IT.

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Some have used their Facebook page as their own personal soapbox to insult and air out other people’s  dirty laundry, when in fact their own laundry stinks like the shit they produce. People need to take into consideration the people who are reading your Facebook page like children….friends….family…clergy….etc.  I guess this is the only way they can get sympathy from others.  There have been moments that I would loved to have climbed up on my Facebook soapbox and dish out a good load of whip ass on someone, but then again I’m not twelve.

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A friend of mine alerted me that Mr. Crazy got on his soapbox AGAIN this past weekend and thought that it was alright to post awful things about his children’s mother on FB….then his post somehow turned into a post about me. He clearly located my blog; which let me take a moment and thank him for increasing my stats!!! I knew he would eventually locate it……the man has nothing better to do then hang on to his past…..why??

He went onto mention how I love blogging more than my children and how I left my children for a man, well it’s obvious that his head is still far up his ass to see the light of day….but I didn’t leave my son for another man. My 17 year old son had a choice (you can read about it here : A little bit of this and a whole lot of that) and he was really thinking about moving with me but he was fearful of his father’s wrath and being shunned by the family just like what happened when my daughter chose to live with me…..ohhhh I can’t forget the cute little nickname he bestowed on me………..The Dementor hahhaha…..

downloadI can totally see the resemblance, can you???  

A Dementor is considered one of the foulest to inhabit the world that they feed off human happiness, and thus cause depression and despair to anyone near them……..hmmmm well considering he brought everyone down with his foul attitude, months and months of depression and unable to get a job…he was the one that  sucked the happiness out of our home. It’s really difficult to maintain a lovely happy home when there’s someone constantly down on himself and depressed because life just won’t go his way……well he HAD a wife that loved him but failed to see that until it was TOO LATE!!

Of course during his rant, he got plenty of comments about how karma will take it’s course and that it was great that he wasn’t keeping quiet anymore. First off it’s been a year and a half !!! secondly….Karma?? really…. would these woman who are cheering him on  like to the link to this blog so they can fully read the WHOLE story not just the watered down version that he feeds them….because at one time he told me horrible things about his ex-wife making me feel so sorry for him, but of course this is the mans hook, casting out the  poor mistreated man who got left by his horrible ex wife line, flippin hooked me..stupid, I know…..and thirdly, he hasn’t been quiet…….he has told his version to everyone who would listen many times over.Then I saw it, a comment from my daughter asking him to please stop talking bad about her mother. Wow!!…..what an awesome girl she is!!!    He replied that he was tired of holding his tongue blah blah blah……well she responded again, advising him that he was being two-faced and was acting just like her father  when he would talk ill of me.

I just felt bad for his children and mine because in one comment he states how he loves them yet he can publicly throw stones at us……..what type of man could do this?


Needless to say it seems my daughters words helped because he removed the post and submitted an apology to her in its place. I was just glad that his children and mine wouldn’t see his rant  regarding their mother. I would never post or tell his children about his demons or how he ended up spending Thanksgiving weekend tucked away somewhere…….there are just some things you just need to keep to yourself and if you can’t well……

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“Mom, you’re going to blog about this right??” ……. “Of course Ann, why wouldn’t I ….this is pretty funny….ohhh and please from now on call me the Dementor!!”  


23 thoughts on “Facebook: Friend, Foe or a way to see if someone has one too many screws loose

  1. STFU!!!
    I can NOT believe you wrote about this!!!! I was just having issues with this earlier….
    OMG…..SO..we MUST be sisters in another life…OR…my moms milkman ran away with my twin..wait..how old are you? I think im older…however…….I..DESPISE FB! did I stutter? DESPISE!!!!

    Let me explain. I use to LOVEEEEE FB. it was a great place to “connect” with old friends from HS. My class was extrememly close..I like to think we stil are. I love them all.

    BUT THEN…as Im having my fun and posting my fun and stupidity and laughs…THEN comes the heartbreaking “BLOCKS”. im like WTH? what did I DO? It hurts. I don’t wanna hurt. I don’t wanna hurt anyone in the fkn process. AND the fkn drama just continues. DONT NOBODY NEED THAT SHIT.

    I was in the HOSPITAL. ON MY DEATHBED. EVERY RUMOR under the sun….now I ask you…DO you think anyone came to OUR face and asked US what happened? SO..with my phone, my brother deleted my account to spare my children. BEST THING EVER. I will NOT reopen.

    NOT. let me repeat that………NOT.

    FACEBOOK= DEVILS SPAWN. naw. aints nobody got time for it.

    AND AND AND…..with all those privacy settings….IF you gonna go all private …WHY YOU GONNA HAVE A SOCIAL MEDIA PAGE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD?????

    I am here to be FREE…..I am here to be MEEEEEE. flesh and bone. MEEEEEE.
    DONT hide from no one. Hiding means you have a secret. I have nothing to hide. I may just reblog this shugg…

    • I almost choked on my breakfast when I read this, you’re HILARIOUS!!!

      People can just be soooo cruel on Facebook, they think they are doing some service by showing their “crazy” to all of FB but really??

      Mr.Crazy may feel that I slam him on my blog but I’m just really sharing my experience when it calls for it. None of it’s made up …… like I said in my About me page (love yours by the way) I write how I see it!!! …..plus if he doesn’t like it then why does he insist on stalking me ?? seriously I’m nothing to stalk.

  2. There are some pretty crazy people on Facebook. I used to go to high school with a chick who did a short stint as a prostitute, had 2 kids and both were removed by social services. I had her as a friend on Facebook until she announced her new pregnancy. At that point I left her a nasty comment about doing something for her other kids before she breeds again and recommended an amazing place to get birth control, Planned Parenthood. I then deleted her. I am one of those crazy people. More recently, I have tried to keep my postings low key. I have been deleted for posting anti-religious stuff. My Christian friends were insulted. I am sorry, if I have to read your daily scriptures and see all of the pictures about Jesus you share, you can deal with my opinions.Oh. I have also been deleted for being a bitch. I am a historian and anthropologist. Nothing pisses me off more than inaccurate historical quotes taken out of context. Or even worse… completely made up quotes or quotes that cannot even be attributed to anyone, but the damn picture says that so and so said it. I comment every time I see something inaccurate. Apparently, noting inaccuracy is a deleted offense.

    • That’s too funny!! I am the same way….I refuse to have my Facebook page filled with nonsense. I will delete a person if they are a constant downer, because seriously enough already, if i wanted to be around someone who was a constant downer I’d still be with Mr.Crazy…..I’ve deleted people for their over the top politcally views, I get that you voted for the man but seriously do I need to hear about how wonderful he is every flippin day….NO I DON’T…..It comes down to one thing………….I just don’t have time for stupid!!
      What I find entertaining is how some people rate their self worth by the amount of “friends” they have on facebook…I once asked a person if they could list all 464 of their so-called “friends”, he called me a bitch and left. hahahaha

  3. I rarely post on Facebook, mostly just a like to a comment, what really is a pet peeve to me, and I mention this to “hubby” all the time. No one gives a (blank) if you are at work or not, what is with all these minute by minute updates on where the hell you are? What’s next trips to the restroom? arghhhh!!

  4. Gotta LOVE those stalkers. I say…………..WELCOME.
    AND…..evidently, You are worth their time and consumption of a good time or else, they wouldn’t be stalking you or me. AND….MUST BE NICE FOR STALKERS TO GET PAID ON THEIR BOSSES TIME CLOCK! Wish I had a job like that. Skanks. Yeah I said it. THATS WHY I HAVE AN ATTY. He is worth his weight in GOLD.

    • I thought moving over 1000 miles away would keep him from trying to find out what I am doing with my life…..but go figure!! Lisa I need to get your email….I think I may be your long lost sister…..hahahaha…..

      • I think so.

        stupid people.

        facebook is DRAMA. for the love. OH OH OH….and THEN…..the dumb fuckers…THEY CK into destinations to say everybody…look where im at! then they go home and post a pity party cause their house got robbed.
        im sorry….and your point?

        my favorites are the men who keep their photos on private. yeah, so all their other women cant see their other photos. SECRETS MAYBE???
        HERES YA SIGN…..and a red flag at that…precious girls…and they thought they were the only ones…phhst.

  5. Anyone that knows you, knows about all the craziness, Mr. Crazy brought into your life. That man had more chances then I have diet cookbooks! He can’t stand that you are not sad, pathetic and miserable like he is!

  6. I don’t understand why people can’t mind their own business. I always have an issue with that. And someone that publicly trashes someone else – I always have such a bad opinion of these people (even if I don’t know them). It’s obvious they have a huge frustration and they should solve it on their own, not publicly, while possibly destroying someone else’s reputation. Sorry you had to go through all that.

    • Thank you for your comment. I agree with you 100% some people just feel better to publicly slam another person on a site like Facebook, it’s just another form of bullying.

  7. To your point about how you could trash people on facebook but don’t…because you aren’t 12: THANK YOU! People who use facebook like this are so ridiculously immature. I think a true sign of becoming an adult is learning how to use facebook responsibly.

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