Left feeling naked and vulnerable

Finding a good hair stylist always brings some sort of anxiety into my life……I’m either leaving the salon in tears, the cut is way shorter than I had asked for, looking back in the mirror is a woman with bangs….. when did I ask for bangs??, long layers end up being short layers, horrified stylist look on while my botched highlight job startles them.


Moving to a new town always brings on the task of looking for a new salon, hoping to find one that Tabatha Coffey would be proud of …. I asked around and read reviews, I had thought I found my salon home. My first visit, I arrived ten minutes early …….thirty minutes later my hair stylist decides to walk in, hmmmm twenty minutes late NOT a good first impression. I gave her simple instructions, just take 2 inches off and trim up my layers……pretty basic salon 101…right? snip snip……ten minutes later she was removing my cape and telling me my cut was done. Really?? all done??  hmmmmm ok.  The second trip to this salon was a bit more …mmm..interesting. My appointment was with a different lady, again I arrived ten minutes early……no one was behind the desk to greet me (Tabatha would have had a fit)….I waited fifteen minutes before anyone acknowledged me, I was told that the lady that is doing my hair would be here shortly…………..twenty minutes later  a call was placed “she’s running behind she hit some traffic” this was a lie, how do I know? because she told me the town she lives in which is the same as mine……there is NEVER traffic……..finally she arrives and wait whats that in her hands ……a bag from McDonalds and a large soda…….hmmmmm well I guess getting to her appointment wasn’t that important.


I refused to go back ever again …… customer service was the least of their concern, a botched dye job and one ruined sweatshirt later I decided giving them a third try wasn’t going to happen.

Months have gone by since I had my haircut….this humidity is doing a number on it and it was getting a bit too long so I had to take the plunge and find another hair salon…….Just walking into the salon brought such anxiety……a nice glass of wine would have been nice just to settle my nerves, but then I would probably make the mistake of telling her to do whatever she’d like…….I’ve done that a few times and only regretted giving the stylist free rein to my hair.

imagesCAUP7558The lady motioned me over to the wash station…..as I looked up at the ceiling all I could see was dust covering light fixtures, vents and ceiling covers…..visions of Tabatha running her hands over it and looking on in disgust took over. I seriously need to stop watching her show!! …… not a word was said, not even a “how’s your day” was uttered. Finally I was in the chair and that’s when I saw it……………her license…………..not her drivers license, but her beautician license….shit she’s a newbie she just got it like a few weeks ago……………OHHHH CRAP!!!”What would you like done?” she asked……. I told her just to take an inch and a half off, easy enough right??  she takes her comb, looks down at it and starts counting……ohh nooo…..she proceeds to show me how much she’s going to take off….I nod. A simple cut should only take thirty minutes right….well I was in the chair for an hour….yes the cut was done nicely but she left me leaving naked, no hairspray, no gel, no teasing of the hair, no height……product free…..feeling vulnerable.


19 thoughts on “Left feeling naked and vulnerable

  1. Awwww, this is a terrible experience!
    As a stylist it is definitely upsetting to see stories like this which give our industry a bad name.
    You can always try using Redkens website to looks for Elite Redken Salons, they use a level system so you know exactly the kind of experience you are getting, and they hold everyone to extremely high standards of education and general work ethic.
    If you ever come to Tampa I will definitely take care of you.

  2. Wow! those are horrible stories! I tend to go to a new place every time because, well, I don’t really have a reason, actually. Though I’ve never had a horror story like that! The one time I went to this tiny little hole in the wall place because I had a coupon for it and this lovely asian woman gave me the best haircut I think I’ve ever had. And yet, I’ve never gone back. I should go back. I hope you have better luck next time!!

    • yeah her silence was a bit weird to me. I usually get a stylist that wants to know my whole life history or she starts in like I’ve been her best friend for ten years!!

  3. I have such bad luck with hair stylists!! I tried the salon inside Walmart once while I was pregnant, and the girl took sooooo long to highlight my hair. 2 whole hours. And I had to go to the bathroom soo bad that I had to walk through Walmart with foils all over my head to get there lol. Pretty sure she told me her whole life story. But she clearly couldn’t multitask!!

  4. I see the issue of getting a decent hair cut is international:)) Since I know myself I always left the hair salon in tears – I always loved long hair – so, the worst was when I went in and said, do whatever you want, and I left with boy-short hair. I cried for days:)) Luckily it grew back, and my best friends introduced me a few month ago to a super fancy hair salon, where, surprisingly, it is cheaper then anywhere else I went. A young girl that just got her license cut my hair and styled it – it took her 2 hours to cut and give me the most luscious locks I ever had (I felt like a Victoria’s Secret model :)) ). The second time it also took a lot of time (the only downside) but my hair was perfect to me so it was worth it. I will certainly go again!

    • I had a similar experience 5 years ago, I told the stylist to do whatever she wanted and my long locks were snipped away to barely touching my shoulders….she also gave me bangs….I hated it!!! I will never cut my hair short ever again……….I’m so glad you found a place to get your haircut!!

  5. This is just like me! I have long hair and I get so nervous when going to get it cut…my hair is my baby…
    Hate visiting a new hairdressers :/

    • I can totally understand !! I also have long hair and I just love it…..I don’t like seeing it messed up by someone who hope you can trust……come on these people have scissors!!! I’m just hoping that one day soon I will find someone that I can totally trust with my hair!

      • Yeah! I got my hair cut recently but it was at the best place I’ve found 🙂 ( which ended up to be just down the road…all that searching and the best place is right on my doorstep!! Go figure..)

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