Where’s Jenny when I need her???

I found myself sitting in a room full of people, fidgeting with the stack of note cards in  front of me. The ladies next to me started talking to each other just as though they have been friends forever;  I secretly wished that I would have the courage to just start-up a conversation with  complete strangers but I just have never been the type to do that….as I continued to review my notes I wondered how on earth I agreed to give this presentation. I’m not a speaker and while in school I would rather get an F on the assignment then stand up in front of a whole class to recite a poem or give a speech on some history lesson that we had learned earlier in the week.  So why now?……shit, I’m sweating….. I knew I  should have doubled up on my deodorant this morning…..ohh noooo I wore white socks with my black boots what was I THINKING!!!! I need water, no that’s a bad idea what if I have to go to the bathroom midway through my presentation…..ohhh crap Ms.London is coming over, uhhhh it’s time.  “You’re so quiet,  have you met any of the other speakers?” she asked……wow she was so put together were I on the other hand was a complete mess.  “Well uhmm no, I just have a hard time going up to someone and introducing myself, but believe me once I get to know the person I can’t stop talking…(please shut up, stop… YOU’RE RAMBLING)…..I just need my best friend Jenny, Jenny was always the life of the party and made meeting people so much easier”  uhhhh…..where’s Jenny when I needed her?

That’s when I woke up to Miss Lily  licking my face ……that was a dream? There’s no presentation? Ohhhh THANK GOD!!!

images (2)Jenny was my social life saver, we met Freshman year in Science class. We were the Romi and Michelle of our High School (always together….not the outcast part) If one of us was home sick more times than none we would be asked were our “other half was”. We just got each other unlike anyone else did. We didn’t care for being part of cliques and refused to kiss ass just to fit in……we were the substitutes worse nightmare, we made our own rules in the classes that we had together and for some reason our teachers went along with it, when there was a hot new guy on campus it was Jenny that had the guts to approach him while I stood there and drooled. She could win anyone over with her stunning green eyes, big boobs and bubbly personality ……she still had that affect on men years later!!!

As adults…with one divorce under us both, several children, trying to find THE ONE, trying to  maintain our sanity all the while going through relationship after relationship in hopes that the guy that we were dating was Prince charming,only to find out down the road that he was just his evil twin brother. We just knew how to turn the horrible experience of getting hurt into something to laugh about over Bridget Jones Diary and a pint of Ben and Jerrys. We also knew how to make the men pay if they did us wrong….don’t worry there was no physical pain,blood or shovel to the back of the head, but if you happened to cheat on us well, let it be known he would think twice about cheating on the next girl he met just on the off chance she knew one of us.


She brought me out of my shell, if it wasn’t for her I would have NEVER had the guts to join her up on stage to sing It’s Raining Men in front of a bar full of military men…….If it wasn’t for her I would have never met my husband..we certainly got ourselves in some funny situations which I can’t disclose because that would be breaking the  best friend shut your trap rule  ….if it wasn’t for her I wouldn’t of had the comfort of having such a wonderful friend in my life. Her blunt honesty has helped me get through the toughest moments in my life and as much as her words cut me….she was only giving me a dose of tough love.


She’s the best and in just a couple more weeks we will be the same age!! YEP…..we will be on the fast track to FORTY twenty-five together!!

I miss you Jenny!!



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