Darlin, You’re not my only girl

“Darlin’ I do have to tell you that you aren’t the only girl in my life-honesty is paramount as we go forward-my heart has been with this other girl for a long time-just want you to know” said The Major  last night by text.

Hmmmmm…….I just stared at the text. My first thought was “see I knew you couldn’t tame a stallion” but then I thought about it a little longer, dissected it carefully….. “ok, is he being cute and referring to his hand ROSEY?”  ……we haven’t really discussed what type of friendship this was, granted I know that the “Talk” will come up when he comes out here in 3 weeks but if there IS some other girl then  I guess we will talk about it now.

*texts comes in*

“I think y’all should meet, Momma would love you”     ……. Ohhhh, he was talking about his mom….a sense of relief came over me.

“I would love to meet her ONE day” I said…….hoping my brief text would pacify him for a year or two…..but I was wrong.

“When do you think I will get to meet your parents?”……… hold your horses cowboy!! you’re NOT meeting my parents anytime soon. I can picture it now……………… “Hi Mom,Dad ….this is the man who swept me off my feet ten years ago and who has just popped back into my life” …..they look straight at me and then at him …….. gray hair…..distinguished older man who is fourteen yrs older than me and eighteen years younger than them………… my dad shakes his hand and then looks at me and gives his Santa Clause like laugh…..and heads out for a smoke.  ………………….. hmmmmm, come to think of it The Major smokes to so if he’s smart he’d join my father to talk about the “olden days”, but then I’m left standing there alone with my mother who can be at times very judgmental trying to figure out what to talk about.

I haven’t introduced the men I dated to my parents in a long time. They didn’t even meet Mr. Crazy and I was with him for 2 years and married for eleven months. I just got sick of these men putting on the charm, promising to my parents that they would “take care of their girl” and professing their undying love to me. Then months later we break up and I’m left having to explain why the douche bag left me for someone else or why he just wasn’t the one. Sometimes I avoid telling them the details, but it never stops my mom from her speech “ohhhh I pray every day that God sends someone to take care of you, you deserve someone nice and who will treat you good. You deserve a life-like your sister……a beautiful home in the suburbs and no financial worries and a wonderful husband. I will go light a candle tonight at church”.

Before, I would always take offense to her  “You need to find someone to take care of you” speech. I can take care of my OWN self thank you very much!! I’d whisper to myself. ……………..but now, heck…… she can burn all the candles in the church now!!!  Hahaha…….

I’m not ready to introduce The Major anytime soon, but when I do ……. I will make sure we go where there’s wine because I’m going to need it!!!

This was written a year ago today on a previous blog of mine. I remember being soooo anxious about starting things up with him again; especially with our  pending reunion of sorts just weeks away…..but it all worked out the way it was suppose to…..I married The Major six months later. 


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