Daily Prompt: Keep Out

There was a time that I feared that Mr. Crazy (2nd husband) and His Royal Highness (1st husband) would come across this blog, leave awful “anonymous” comments about how no one wants to read about my pathetic life or how my post was one-sided(these were just a couple of their past comments that they wrote on a previous blog) and then eventually stir up drama, bring my children into it and then eventually I would coward down, raise my white flag and shut another blog down.

I allowed them to bully me and have control over me yet again, just like when we were married. I noticed that although I wasn’t with them  any longer I allowed their negative words to take hold of me AGAIN ….. but it came a point that I had to tell myself “Enough is Enough”. Why would I continue to allow these two insecure men to stop me from doing what I enjoy?  I love blogging!

When I started to blog again and created Valley Girl Gone Country a few months ago, I used an alias but then I thought how silly that was. There was no need to hide any longer, if they happened to come across my blog then so be it…..but it would only contradict what they posted previously(on another blog) about “no one wanting to read about my pathetic life”, because why would they sit for hours on end trying to locate my blog, read it and then have a pow wow session between the two of them?

Writing makes me feel good and I will never allow anyone to stop me from doing what I love again…..lesson learned!!


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14 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Keep Out

  1. Holy hell you have 2 ex husbands and you are currently married, correct?

    Wow, you are amazing…I can’t even get to my second husband because, well, I guess I look like Quasimodo to men and should be ringing a bell in a high Church tower yelling “Sanctuary….”

    Translation, I’m not that attractive and men, especially here, tend to be shallow and superficial and don’t look beyond packaging.

    But go you! LOL

    • I truly doubt that!!! haha

      BUT yes I have 2 ex-husbands( 13 years in between both marriages), but the second one was an absolute mistake….I was at point in my life that i thought “was this it??” ….and I settled….i learned my lesson the hard way!!

  2. I get it … I felt the same when I read this prompt – that’s why I want two blogs – one where I can talk bad about all the crappy people I know 🙂

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