We need a bigger pool!!


Yes, I bought the furkids a pool and if it was a tad bit bigger I would have grabbed a chilled glass of wine and joined her!!  IT’S HOT!!

Hubby and I just got back from a hot and miserable nice and enjoyable ride. We headed up to Petit Jean, Arkansas for brunch….one question…isn’t brunch suppose to consist of breakfast items?? I believe it does hmmmmm…….well obviously the owners didn’t get the memo or have any idea that brunch is a combination of breakfast and lunch; needless to say…..I ordered a Reuben and silently prayed that by the time we left the temperature would drop at least ten degrees…..or five….I would have taken five!!

Riding on the back of his bike in ninety-three degree weather with the humidity of one hundred…(ok slight exaggeration) wearing all my gear tends to make me hot, sweaty and praying for a thunderstorm or a gas station so I can wrap my lips around a cold bottle of Aquafina!! but I admit it was fun especially when the hubsters wants to play “slug bug”…..some may say “is this safe”? …….I make sure I don’t slug him when we are taking a curve at sixty or when he is passing a line of cars…..because I’m holding on for dear life and closing my eyes. We have ground rules though……the slug is only allowed when you see an old or New VW beetle NOT the brand new VW station wagon looking beetle……he tried to get away with that today but I wasn’t having it and another rule is the car has to be on the side of the road not down some neighborhood were I can only see it……this little game of ours does make our rides a little entertaining but I tend to get sidetracked by my own thoughts that next thing I know I’m getting slugged (softly) in the leg…..urgh……

*must pay attention*

5 thoughts on “We need a bigger pool!!

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  2. Ugh, the heat, I live in it daily for a good 5 months every year. I get it. Funny, we have that same pool for our Aussie, and we actually got in it with him just before he got his bath. Brunch, umm, yes, I would expect to see breakfast items. And…I have no idea what slug bug means.

    • Slug bug is another term for a VW Beetle (car) ….. so as children on a long road trip we were taught by our parents that if you see a VW Beetle you can gently slug your brother,sister or friend………My kids have followed suit, but I dare not play with Ann (middle child) because she tends to leave bruises…..haha

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