Weekly Photo Challenge : Nostalgic

I love this picture of my grandparents on their wedding day……….this picture is timeless.


I carry this picture of my grandpa and I everywhere…..it’s a little worn but when I look at it a smile appears on my face because I seem soooooo happy to be with my grandpa. Just looking at it now brings tears in my eyes, I miss you grandpa.


What was my mom thinking putting me in those overalls……ick!! but it was the seventies………

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6 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge : Nostalgic

  1. OH GURL…them checkerboard o’alls are the BOMB!!
    I had the pants. shut up. yes mam I did. they were vanity. mm hmm. Gucci when it was good. (ok maybe in my mind) I strutted it with my hushpuppy shoes. tell it.

    AND…pray tell…WHAT is this stella and dot ….other than pretty pretty?

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