Baby got back!!


I was cursed blessed with curves and the ability to gain weight in my butt just by smelling carbs!!  No joke….I can walk into a bakery and within seconds I can feel my ass getting bigger!!

I have come to the realization that I will never have a tiny butt, no amount of squats or cardio will help ….yeah it may tighten it some but why kill myself with tedious exercise when I can just come face to face with reality that I will never be a size four like my sister.

I think my hubby thought he offended me Monday night because this morning he was back peddling …it was very cute.

When my husband came home from work, Lily went running up to him for some loving….while wagging her tail and waiting for kisses he bent down loved on her for a little while then he mentioned to her in a very sweet tone that she was getting a little round and throws in that her  and I have matching round bottoms. Ok, so my ass isn’t Kardashian like but I have some cushion ……and yes maybe I have gained a few extra pounds but I still fit into my clothes so there isn’t any real urgent need to starve myself or pick up a bottle of Alli at the store!!   The comment did hit a small nerve…..memories of being called bubble butt by my father came to the surface…..and after dinner I took both furkids out for a walk (separately) just to jump-start …….what??? A stupid diet and exercise regime that I decide to begin and never finish??  I took Dart first…..I warmed up with a brisk walk and then we started to run……NOW, the ONLY reason  I started to run was because I knew running was what help me shed the pounds once before, I don’t run for fun (like my sister)……running was made to RUN AWAY from things like ax murders, zombies and scary furry creatures.

Later that evening while I was tending to my throbbing knee (old injury, which was only made worse by running) my husband asked why I pushed myself and nonchalantly I mentioned it was because I was getting a “little round”. He bent over and kissed me and told me that he loves my butt and always has.

Yesterday came and went ….. I was very quiet only due to the fact that I only slept for three hours and I was extremely tired……he asked a couple of times if I was alright, “yes honey I’m just tired… and lily were snoring and dart was licking his lips all night” I told him.

This morning as I was getting ready for work I heard my husband saying good-bye to our furkids. “Lily you’re so pretty, your bottom isn’t so round….it’s just right……just like your mommy’s,   I like your mommy’s bottom, I wouldn’t want her to get all skinny because I wouldn’t have anything to hold on to”.

He was sooooooo trying to back pedal from the other day….I found it cute. I was never mad at him or hurt by his comment. It’s true that I may need to tone up my backside because no one wants to see a sagging butt………so maybe I will just start by limiting the amount of carbs I inhale and maybe just maybe I will pop in one of those exercise DVDs that’s gathering dust.

13 thoughts on “Baby got back!!

  1. I have always had a bubble butt too. Even in high school when I had no body fat, my teenage friends would giggle at my round backside! I have always had a complex about it. I try to accept it, but I don’t do it very well. But remember somebody would love to have our butts:). We always want what we don’t have!!!!:)… Good luck with the DVD!

    • You’re right……they now have butt padding in spanx and in jeans which I find silly, but I’m the one who is buying the bras with padding so to each his own I guess!!!

  2. If you find something that works, let me know! As long as it doesn’t involve any sort of cardiovascular activity and can be done from a sitting position. Oh, and it shouldn’t eliminate chocolate. Otherwise, I’m good to go when you find it.x

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  4. Cute…you made me laugh. You are right about being curvy and nice butt is IN. Women are their worst enemies…we should listen to what some men say about women’s bodies and actually there are shapes for every taste. One male friend once said, he loves the beauty of a woman and each has their unique gorgeousness. WI

  5. Another woman-thing I can relate to. I don’t have it in the backside, but I’ve got my own parts that need…shall we say…toning. There are so many blogs about fitness & nutrition, and quite frankly I get tired of feeling guilty after reading those. I hate exercise. I enjoy walking though, and like you, NOT running. So, I do power walks with either the dog or my treadmill. I need to detox from sugar, so I’m going to try a sugar detox program starting next week. Wish me luck, and good luck to you my skinny friend. 😉

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