Date night, bye bye sugars and a grandma that wouldn’t shut up

Saturday night the hubby and I went to go see the Little Rock Travelers play some ball….but it never fails, EACH TIME we go somehow we end up sitting in front of a family who let me just say it mildly “wouldn’t shut the heck up!”. This time we were blessed with a family of 7; grandma and grandpa included and for the whole nine innings the grandma could not shut her trap and was constantly egging her granddaughter on to say certain phrases over and over and over again such as “swing batter batter” for the WHOLE nine innings, or discuss the characters of the Lion King….it came to a point that when Brooklyn (the granddaughter) was supposed to give her uncle Jarred “bye bye sugars” and refused after being asked twenty times (I’m NOT exaggerating)  I was about to step in and say “Lay off the kid, she obviously doesn’t want to give some hairy sweaty man bye bye sugars”.

I don’t expect silence at a game, but I do expect that people show some courtesy to those around them. I understand that some people may think that taking a two,three or four year old to a baseball game is appropriate….it’s not….not unless you think it’s ok for your child to kick the person in front of them continuously in the head …… Yes, I will take a “Ohhh I’m sorry” a couple times but after the sixth time that I’m being kicked and nudged in the head and shoulders it gets a bit annoying….ohhh and don’t get me started on the sticky cotton candy hands in my hair!!

See, my hubby and I like to go to these games……….for me it’s one of “our”things (it’s been our thing since we first met ten years ago) that we enjoy, he likes the game itself ….I like the fireworks at the end and we just like spending time together period. Sharing HUGE, ever so fattening corn dogs which by the size of the thing just turn me on every time……haha…..I think it’s romantic that he will unshell the peanuts for me because he knows I always have difficulty getting to them…. I also think he finds amusement when I foul up some baseball lingo or hand gesture…because to those who have been reading this blog know I am clueless when it comes to Americas favorite past time.

Picture 010

We laugh while watching those ” in between” inning games ……this time was priceless, as the girl runs right into her opponent and is later rescued by the cow.

Picture 018   Picture 021

I was glad the game was about over because the best was just around the corner…..cuddle time with my honey while we enjoy some beautiful fireworks.  As the lights shut off, the patriotic music began to play letting us all know that the nights sky was going to be filled with a beautiful display of fireworks…………….and then………………Brooklyn’s granny began egging her on again. I swear does this woman  ever shut up!! no wonder her husband was sitting at the very end of the row!!  “Brooklyn get the sparkles (fireworks)!! get the sparkles for grandma” OVER AND OVER AND OVER again……. I tried my best to tune her out but it was a little hard when I had to keep dodging the little hand that was inches away from my face trying to get the “sparkles”.

Ten minutes into the amazing firework show my nerves were shot… took everything in me not to turn around and tell Mr.Granny that they are FIREWORKS not sparkles and to please let me enjoy the last five minutes in peace cuddled up next to my honey….but I refrained from making a scene and enjoyed the rest of the show!!!

Picture 031


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