Cool,Calm,Collected …..this is my husband

That is definitely not me, well not this morning.  I’m trying my best not to stress out because Mr.Cool Calm and Collected is not  and if he was he is doing a great job not showing it.

It started last night when he brought home the riding lawnmower that we looked at on Sunday, he was outside riding around on it….testing it out……forty minutes later he peeks into the house and says “honey can you come out here and help me for a minute”….uhmmm ok, I quickly glanced down at my pink plaid pajama pants……I debated whether or not to change, but then again it was 8:00pm and who cares if my neighbors saw me in my pink plaid pajama pants…….it wasn’t like I was heading to Wal-Mart for an evening of shopping, I was just heading outside for a minute or two… I thought.

Once outside my husband told me that he needed my help to move the mower onto our side driveway because it was out of gas. We pushed and I steered, we pushed some more …… “honey get on it and steer”……”what?? You want ME on it while you push?”…..ohhh crap he’s going to have a heart attack if he tries to push this while I am on this thing!! Great!!! ……. It budged some but it wasn’t happening.  He decided to go get gas……long story short…… wasn’t out of gas, something else is going on with it……maybe a safety sensor? Maybe something is wrapped around the blade which cut the engine off…who knows but he didn’t seem to be too worried about it…..I on the other hand was silently freaking out.

Meanwhile in my head:

Ohhh my God we just spent $750 on a lemon, but it worked when we saw it …he even tested it out at the guys house….just our luck the thing breaks less than an hour after we get it…..ohhhh no why isn’t he reacting? He must be in shock….ohhhh crap this isn’t good…..shit why isn’t he mad? Should I offer him ice cream?

4:30am…. this morning

You know when you are in a deep sleep dreaming of God knows what but it gets interrupted by some noise that doesn’t quite fit with what you are dreaming of only to slowly wake up to the sound of a squealing noise……well this was the case for me this morning while I was dreaming of saving the world from some high breed new species (the book I am reading obviously had to seep into my dream world).  It sounded like a siren a loud siren, laying in bed dazed and confused I figured out that it wasn’t a tornado siren so there was no need to grab my pink pajama pants and rush to safety……..hubby was still asleep……..dogs were snoring……how could they NOT hear this annoying sound?…..hmmm I look up at the ceiling fan, that couldn’t possibly be the source of the sound…it wasn’t. I got out of bed sniffing the air, could it be the fire alarm? Nope.I followed the sound and as it got louder I realized it came from the air conditioner vent…….OHHH NOOO not the A/C…’s summer…..the beginning of my freak out was beginning. Stay calm. My husband half asleep asked what that noise was and I told him, it took a couple of times for him to hear me over the noise but finally the thing shut off. He went to inspect it, I let him be and headed back to bed. There was no cussing, no freak out….he went about his normal morning routine….coffee,smoke,bathroom and then more coffee.

I finally got out of bed at 6:00 am to see him sitting on the couch, we said our good mornings and I headed outside to let the dogs outside…… hmmmm, he showed no signs of worry, how could that be?  What are we going to do if our A/C is broke? I was about to freak out  ……. after a while he told me very  calmly that he thinks it the fan and he would call a guy to come look at it. Still no distress showed… can he not be concerned or worried or over analyze the situation or jump five steps ahead and come up with ten different scenarios to our current situation…….you know why? because he’s cool,calm, collected he has told me time and time again not to stress out over something you don’t know what the final outcome will be…….true…..I get it…….but stressing has been my nature for years, money was always tight and something was ALWAYS happening so I was always jumping to several different scenarios while crying at my desk thinking “what’s next”!!!…..but this isn’t the situation anymore, now I have a man in my life who has shown me that there isn’t a need to stress out every time something bad happens.

meanwhile in my head….

I wonder if I should call him? I wonder if the A/C is working now? ……..naaaa I don’t want to bug him…….he’ll call or text me if something comes up…maybe he won’t because he knows I will worry. I hope Lily and Dart don’t bother the A/C man. urgh


7 thoughts on “Cool,Calm,Collected …..this is my husband

  1. Your husband sounds like a wise man, try not to worry. Up here, the town of High River, Alberta has something to worry about – 13,000 people – essentially the entire community needs complete renovation. A 33 year old lady with cerebral palsy died trying to rescue a stranded friend. When she got her out of the house, she was knocked unconscious by a floating building and then drowned.

    The town had about a 2-minute warning before the water started coming in.

    Maybe you’re husband is a John Lennon fan, “Life is what happens when we’re busy making other plans.” Love that quote! 🙂

  2. Great quote!!!

    Yeah, he is a wise man but don’t let him know I told you so….hahaha. High River,Alberta will be in my prayers ….that news is so sad!!

  3. This is hilarious, and SO relatable, at least for me. You’re a better woman than I, because I wouldn’t be freaking out in my head. I’d be doing it out loud. Heh. Our a/c went out on Tuesday, and I live in Florida where the heat index is over 100 degrees. Thankfully, the repair guy came out within 2 hours and fixed it. Whew! Back to being locked indoors with my comfy 76 degrees for the next 4 months. And, I just have to address the pink PJ’s thing. Heh, I wonder if all women do that. I might’ve gone out if it was dark, but it’s not dark enough at 8pm. Yes, I know, I’m vain. Great story. My husband is exactly the same and looks at me like I have three heads when I get freaked.

    • hahaha….well what I didn’t mention regarding me going out in my pink pj’s is that I did a scan of the neighborhood and the only ones out were the grade school boys playing basketball.

    • He’s the calm, level headed one and I’m …..well, I’m spunky!! hahahaa….but I love him to death, he does bring balance to my life and that’s a very good thing.

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