Manual labor and I don’t mix……I don’t want to see a rake ever again!!

I felt like a slacker this weekend ….a blog slacker, granted it’s hard to blog from the back of a bike but I had every intention to write yesterday but I was so tired that all I did was read up on some of my favorite must read blogs…..I felt guilty that I couldn’t just manage to type up a quick weekend in review but I was just too busy trying to down a litter of water and prevent heat stroke, ok it wasn’t that bad……but I was hot, sweaty and covered in grass.

I spent yesterday morning raking grass because our lawn boys’ dad bought one of those zero turn mowers that don’t have a bagger and left our grass looking …….well I will just say it… looked like crap. I would have thought he would have raked the grass up, but no he didn’t. So, I got up early and started raking……how hard could it be right??  Let me just say this……manual labor and I don’t mix. I was totally in over my head…… wouldn’t have been so bad if it wasn’t humid, eighty-five degrees and climbing at seven-thirty in the morning. About an hour in I just wanted to collapse……shit this was one stupid idea, I thought to myself!!!  I took a couple breaks in between and was happy when all the raking was done but now I had to put those piles of grass into a wheelbarrow and toss it in our fire pit……….that shouldn’t be so hard, right??….WRONG!!!!  ohhh sooo wrong.


This was just the beginning of the piles…ohh and the picture just shows half of our back yard

By the third pile I was ready to go grab the lawn boy and tell him to finish his job!! All the bending and squatting and then raking up the small pieces of grass was just a flippin work out!!  After the second trip to the fire pit I just wanted to call it quits!! It was now ninety degrees outside and the heat and I weren’t becoming friends anytime soon…….and now my head started to pound, great a headache!!  I decided to go inside for a little while to cool down, my husband told me that I he didn’t want me to finish outside and that he wanted me to just relax “I have to finish what I started” I told him……plus I was almost done……..twelve more piles to go (out of a hundred….ok more like thirty). Hubby informed me that he found a guy who was selling his riding lawn mower (with bag) and that he was waiting for the guy to get in touch with him, he stated that we (ME) weren’t going to spend the morning raking again. ……THANK GOD!!  He stated he would buy some man tools (weed eater, edger and one more thing) at Home Depot tomorrow and if all works out we would get the lawn mower to!!

Long story short………….we saw the lawn mower and it will be picked up tonight……..and right now I am sore, I am walking like a little old granny……I worked out muscles that I never knew I had!!!….I think I will stick with Pilates and Yoga………who am I kidding, I don’t do that either!!


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