Just call me Elly May


That’s what my husband called me this past weekend when I saved  a turtle from being road kill……yes you read that right…..A TURTLE.

On several occasions while we are out riding we pass these cute little turtles moving at a snail’s pace  trying to get across the road; I had mentioned to my husband that I would love to just scoop all of them up and get them to safety. Well, he remembered this and while out riding this past weekend we crossed the path of a turtle….he pulled over so I could at least save one, of course while I was walking up to the turtle he tucked his head in so I couldn’t get a good picture of him…..maybe I should have told him it was for my blog?? I placed him on a nice patch of grass and headed back to the bike with a huge smile on my face. “Get on the bike Elly May”………hmmmm, Elly May??  he must be referring to a character from one of those old black and white shows he would watch back in the day.

turtle            Picture 002

Yes, I have to admit I love animals and my husband knows that given the chance I would probably welcome all the cute furry animals into our home, so for now if I can save one or two from being road kill then I will. In the meantime, I will continue walking down the street to see the cows and feed them grass, hang out with Manwich the cat when he comes to visit from next door and visit the newest addition to our family which is just outside our door; although I have a feeling they won’t be staying long. I did mention to my husband last night that I think I should lay a pillow down on the ground just in case one falls.



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