Don’t keep me waiting ….. pet peeve

I’m going to let you in on a little something…….well, it’s really not a “little” something it’s actually a huge something. This something makes my skin crawl, irritates me to no end and is rated number one on my pet peeves list…’s being late.


If you tell me you are going to be somewhere at a certain time on a certain date then BE THERE at that time, don’t keep me waiting.

*take a deep breath*

This morning I was late to work because I was waiting for our cleaning lady to come…..ok before you say it, I will say it for you. “Why do you have a cleaning lady? Can’t you clean your own damn house?”.  Yes, I can ……..and I thought the same thing when my hubby first told me that he has had a lady come and clean his home once a month for the last three years. At first I thought it was foolish to spend seventy dollars a month for someone to clean the house when I am capable of doing the cleaning but he told me to give her a chance, plus as he put it “she cleans all the nooks and crannies really well” ok…..whatever floats your boat mister!!! So, I gave it a couple of months and let me tell you……..all the deep cleaning stuff that I don’t enjoy doing, she does and it’s nice to come home to the smell of lemony freshness!!

Ok….back to my “little” issue. She texted me a few days ago reminding me that she was coming this Wednesday to clean. She knows that I leave the house at a certain time and in the past she has been on time give or take a few minutes; although today was a different story. While getting ready for work the “ Real Housewives of Orange Country” (yeah I know…..sue me for liking fake reality shows) was on in the background, I was keeping track of the time and noticed that I had plenty of time to  devour a bowl of cereal while I wait for Rosa to arrive. While watching Lydia argue with Slade about something childish, I realized that I had been engrossed in this show for too long……..what time is it???  The kitchen clock showed 7:15….”ohhh crap! I have to be at work in fifteen minutes where the heck is she?” I knew there was no way I would make it to work on time……I grabbed my purse, doubled checked my phone to see if there were any messages from her…………nothing……….. I texted her quickly to let her know where I placed the key and that I was leaving, did I get a text back saying that she was sorry for keeping me waiting……….NO!…..just an OK. I would have been alright with a made up reason why she was late like she overslept or had a flat tire, something!!!  I made a quick phone call to my boss to let her know that I would be  late and she was totally alright with it ……..but I was not…..I was livid.

I like being on time! I like being early for movies; not just for the previews but I need to have a good seat, I want to be comfy. I don’t like keeping people waiting because I don’t like being kept waiting….that’s where my impatience plays in….come to think of it, I broke up with a guy because he was ALWAYS running late. I was told as a young girl (maybe by a nun, who knows) that lateness is a reflection of you and it shows disrespect to those who are waiting on you.Yeah I understand there are times when your alarm doesn’t go off or traffic is backed up or the dog pukes on the carpet right when you are heading out the door….stuff happens. That’s when you text or call the person you have plans with……but this is just one of the neurosis that I am plagued with……..besides being totally irritated by the sound of someone sucking on a lollipop, that slurping and smacking just urghhhhhh annoys me and my kids know this and given the chance they will sit next to me and exaggerate the sound while they are sucking on a lollipop….little brats!!

What is your pet peeve???


12 thoughts on “Don’t keep me waiting ….. pet peeve

  1. Sounds like you should make her first day her last (if that was her first day). Being late for a job, with no reason or even a phone call (unless the person died unexpectedly, which I hope isn’t the case) doesn’t sound like good work ethic.
    I hate being late to. My family was always late for everything when I was growing up. We were always late for church and it was embarrassing because the only seats available after the service started were in the front rows. We had to walk in front of the whole congregation to get to the seats, in essence, announcing our lateness.

    • ohhh my God!!!! I hated that too…….growing up it seemed like we were NEVER on time for church so of course when you open the big wooden doors you have those people that always turn around to see who is coming in late, or the priest gives you that look as though he is saying “see you in confession”!! …..This wasn’t her first day, she’s been his housekeeper for three years, but you are right….this is her job and she should treat it as such. ……this makes me more ticked off. I think i need to take a midol or have some chocolate ……SOMETHING!!! hahahahaha…..but it doesn’t excuse the fact that she was late for her job which made me late for mine.

  2. People who don’t respect my time drive me nuts. I’m totally okay with the occasional late arrival, but people who don’t acknowledge that they just wasted someone’s time and apologize make me hoppin’ mad. I feel you, girl.

  3. Someone being late for a set appointment tells me that they feel they’re time is more important than mine and it makes its even worse when I am paying them and they are late. i understand that stuff happens but a phone call should be a must.

  4. I´m the only dude here to this conversation, and I´m late. I don´t were a watch so I have to check my cell phone for the time which is a pain in the ass. Plus it makes it a good conversation starter, “Why are you late? A-hole” then ” Well….” you just start going on about some random thing, fake or not, make the person laugh or even more angrier but it´s still a conversation. I usually tend to get late to meet people just for the fun of it, “O man I had to run in the middle of the street to catch this old lady and pull her to the side while a car almost hit me.” Start being late I encourage it, you can see the cool conversations that can come up.

    • hahaha….. me TRY and be late?? ohhh noooo I can’t do that…..not even if I could muster up some silly,random,off the wall reason to my lateness.

      • In reality it´s me the first one to get to the places but I think is something genetic, I´m not kidding, my crazy old lady since I was little I can remember hurrying me up for some reason or another. So I guess I probably have some trauma. I don´t have kids I think you do if I´m not mistaken, so if you do don´t traumatise them like my mom did to me. Just be gentle about the topic.Aaaaah(that´s a sigh by the way) Woman, can´t live with them and can´t live without them. Stay frosty, you got a nice blog.

        • Thank you ….. and yes, I will be gentle on my kids… son though HATES being late but my girls on the other hand are pretty laid back….but they are 19-21yrs old so their still young!!

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