What a morning…..thank God my neighbors weren’t outside!!

I had another post in mind for today, I thought about it all day yesterday, jotting things down on bright colored post-its and as the day went on I continually reminded myself to go into the den and pull my binder out of the cabinet that housed old writings that I wrote eons ago which I wanted to reference in today’s post. ….did I remember to grab it? OF COURSE NOT!!!  I got sidetracked (which isn’t hard to do) with work,  making supper, taking Dart to the Vet, spending time with the hubby, preparing my hubbys lunch for today and then settling down next to him on the couch watching baseball…… because who know when the next baseball quiz is coming.

Then this morning I was too busy trying to get all the furkids inside….to even remember what I WAS SUPPOSE to grab in the den.  I swear Lily acts likes a stubborn four-year old at times. She has become obsessed with this huge tall weed that is on the other side of our fence, I’m assuming she thinks this is some strange animal with many “arms” (leaves) flopping over our fence trying to attack her. When she is focused on something not even shaking a bag of treats will get her attention…..so there I go walking out onto our wet lawn, towel wrapped around me, praying that none of my neighbors are enjoying their cup of coffee in their backyard, all the while whispering to Lily to get her furry butt  inside the house. She knows as I am inching towards her that her fun is over but instead of going straight in the house she takes the long way around and runs along the whole fence line before she hits the patio.  


Then there is Sami our cat, she has now started to venture out pass the fence line and into the wooded area behind our home. Manwich (her friend and night-time protector) has taught her to jump the fence but he will always come back with her and as she is walking up to the door I see him propped up on the fence making sure she got home safely; it’s cute really and of course I will go and bring him a treat and thank him for her safe return. Well, yesterday she didn’t come inside before I left for work….she was probably too busy chasing the critters behind our fence to hear my call so she was stuck outside all day….but don’t worry there was enough food and water outside to feed her and a few of her cat friends…hahaha…this morning, I didn’t want her outside all day because I could see the dark clouds approaching and didn’t want her stuck out in the rain so I called her name a few times, that’s when  I heard her meowing behind our fence, kinda in the same place were the humongous snake was ……(still in my towel) I removed the bricks, grabbed her and checked her out…..she was all good……and proceeded to go into the house.

This is Sami, she was getting ready for her date night!!

20130617_171716 (1)

All the furkids were accounted for …… I got dressed, somehow managed to curl my hair in ten minutes, grabbed a few snacks to munch on throughout the day and then I saw Darts medicine…..uhhhh “I was suppose to leave 15 minutes ago” I said to my furkids……I grabbed a pill and camouflaged it with a glob of peanut butter and gave it to Dart. That’s the only way he will take his pill………….see, Dart is also getting used to living in the country and has acquired a nice little ear infection….I felt so bad for him over the weekend but I was able to get him in to the vet yesterday after work……the poor guy was hurting, I felt so bad,but today the swelling and redness has gone down tremendously and he was all smiles!!


So instead of what I originally planned to write, you got to read about my furkids and my crazy morning!!! Lucky you….hahaha

Hope you all have an amazing Tuesday!! …..it is Tuesday right?? *as I look at the calendar* it’s been one busy morning here at work as well!!


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