I guess being taught by nuns paid off!!


“Jolene, you went to Catholic school didn’t you?”

I looked at my co-worker stunned, how did she know? I wasn’t sporting my school girl uniform today or have a touch of ash on my forehead, so how could she possibly know this little tidbit about me?

“Hmmmm yeah……from kindergarten to eighth grade, how did you know?”

“You were taught by nuns weren’t you?”

OK enough of this, she was beginning to freak me out…..what’s next, was she going to ask if I ever made out behind the dug out?

“Yep, pretty much except for maybe one or two teachers that weren’t…why?”

“GIRL your penmanship is so beautiful , how many times did you get knocked on the knuckles with a ruler  to have such nice handwriting?”

The girls in the office laughed…….

I proceeded to tell her that I never got my knuckles cracked with a ruler, or asked to stand on a chair in front of the class for hours on end or made to write “I will never disobey Sister Ann” one hundred times on the chalk board, but I did have to write standards for other mishaps such as talking too much and refusing to sit in the front row of class due to one of nuns who spit while she spoke, so my defiance cost me……uhmmm  maybe that’s why my writing is the way it is……..so, Thank You Sister Immaculta!



3 thoughts on “I guess being taught by nuns paid off!!

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