The best advice my father gave me ……was there one?

As I catch up on my blog surfing, I was a bit touched by all those “Ode’s to dad”….. loving poems, letters to dad, blogs on the best advice dad gave me, collage of pictures of the blogger and his/her father, it really warmed my heart and I felt a bit taken back by all the adoring tributes to Dear Old Dad.

Hmmm…..could I recall some loving advice my father gave me?  Let me think, besides the “you make the bed you lie in” which was told to me when I was fourteen; I guess that was his version of the “sex talk”….worked wonders dad!! Hahaha….. or when he nicknamed me “bubble butt” maybe that was his way of telling me to knock it off with those hamburgers and french fries……or maybe it was when he told me that I would be better off sitting in the front of the boat rather than the back because I was weighing the boat down was his loving way of saying“Bubble butt it’s time for you to go on a diet”.  

Our father and daughter time consisted of him taking me fishing but told me that I couldn’t talk  or play around because I would scare the fishes away “Jolene will you be quiet and stop talking you are going to scare off the fishes”………and yes I believed my father, why wouldn’t I?  It wasn’t until I was in my mid-twenties when I was  in a boat fishing with my son and a guy I was dating. He was yapping it up with my son, splashing his hands in the water, making A LOT of noise…this began to irritate me, because the fish weren’t biting therefore he was scaring the fish away. “John will you knock it off you are making too much noise, the fish are going to hear you”………RIGHT THEN I heard myself , RIGHT THEN I realized how stupid that sounded. John laughed a good while and then I realized all those daddy and daughter moments weren’t as special as I thought……he conjured up a little white lie just to keep me from talking.



4 thoughts on “The best advice my father gave me ……was there one?

  1. I love that in the U.S it´s so common the fishing thing with dad, best advice I got from my old man….”At the end of the day your alone in life.” Thanks dad, happy fucked up fathers day!

    • My parents don’t read my blog….I don’t even think they know I have one, unless my sister told them….but she knows better, I hope. I wish my dad would have softened up as he got older but I don’t see that happening…….maybe somewhere deep inside he wishes he had sons instead of daughters, maybe he just didn’t know how to be soft……who knows??

      • Well, my dad softened to some extent, but not much. I can empathize and feel for you. We can say we’re used to it, but it will always hurt to some extent, at least it does for me. BTW, on those occasions my dad read my blog, he didn’t have anything positive to say about it.

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