Weekend in Jasper, AR

I’m a little sore today, my abs and thighs feel as though I worked out for days….but that’s not the case. I’m sore because for the last day and a half my husband and I took a trip up to Jasper, Arkansas. This was my first overnight trip and I survived……I’m just a little tired today. Here are some pictures from our weekend.

100_0312           100_0315

We had a nice lunch at the Cliff House Inn and Restaurant which overlooks the Arkansas Grand Canyon….the turkey sandwich rocked!!

100_0314          100_0311

After lunch we headed to the hotel called THE HUB which caters to motorcycle riders ……………..I knew I was going to enjoy my stay when we were greeted by Happy (the owners dog) as we pulled into the parking lot.


after resting a bit and waiting for it to cool down some, we jumped right back on the bike and with camera in hand I couldn’t wait to see Jasper from the back of his bike.

100_0329     100_0364

100_0363    100_0341

100_0360    100_0384


and ……these cute little girls  were so much fun to play with……I still have the puppy scratches to show for it!! We thought they were Happys little girls but the owner advised us that someone just dropped them off. So sad………but they will find the sisters a good home.

100_0376      100_0374


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