Loyal Reader Award …..Thank you Lisa

Imagine my surprise when I saw my name listed on Lisa Johnson Sawyers blog ……. not only did she receive the well deserved Loyal Reader Award she thought to extend the award to me as well. SO Lisa……………Thank you so much!!!! I would still have read your blog….. award or not, your truthfulness….your funny tidbits…….and stories about your every day life make me come back. If you haven’t visited Lisa Johnsons Sawyers site you are missing out!!



If given the chance, would you go “tractor tippin” with me? Explain.

Well Lisa, I have heard of cow tippin but never tractor tippin, could this be a new country activity that I don’t know about? Does this consist of a group of people taking a country newbie (such as myself) into a pasture at night with only a flash light in hand…….to only be told that I have to go out alone, find a tractor and honk it’s horn?? all along you and the others are back in your car, laughing your butts off because you got a naïve country newbie out in some pasture looking for a tractor that doesn’t even exist.

This award is given to the faithful and loyal readers who rarely miss a post. True through thick and thin, they are there to lend a supportive word or a cyber hug. The Loyal Reader Award was created to show that you really do treasure each and every individual relationship formed here on WordPress.

The rules are simple, because simple is good.

1. Display the award on your blog.

2. Thank the person who sent it to you.

3. Answer a rhetorical question of the authors choosing.

4. Send on the award to everyone you consider a loyal reader.

I just want to say thank you so much to everyone who has stopped by to read my blog….it really means a lot to me…..also, this award goes to my 101 blog followers. I know some may not be into the “Like” button and some may just like to sit back and read………..that’s totally alright, it just means a lot that you stop by!! SO THANK YOU AGAIN!!

Lisa Johnson Sawyer     (I know…you gave me one, but if I got this award from someone else I would have listed you as a loyal reader)

Lachlan Payne


Lori D

Writings of a Mrs. Mommy




kaela Moore

Dasha’s Manifesto

My rhetorical question for you is ……..

If love is blind, why is lingerie so popular?

Hope everyone is having a great weekend…………….and to all those fathers out there  “Happy Fathers Day”


6 thoughts on “Loyal Reader Award …..Thank you Lisa

  1. Woop woop!
    Well now. Tractor tippin goes like this…you go into vast county land. Find a tractor in the dark and start that baby up and move it!! Farmer in the dell.

    Oh Lawd. Love and lingerie. I like lingerie. Victoria’s always got a secret. And they are expensive to keep. But there is something about sexy panties and bras and a pair of kick ass high heels. Jus sayn. NOT THAT I WOULD KNOW. 😉 [ insert- 10 hail Mary’s ]
    Thank you for accepting!! I think you are awesome!!!

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