OH MY GOSH…what the heck is that!!!

When I got home, I let the dogs out in our backyard so they could do their business………..instantly they ran to the fence and gathered in one area.


Yes….for those who have been following my blog know that I tend to use bricks to keep the creepy crawlies from coming into our yard. I did this wonderful brick masterpiece the first night I got here…..I didn’t want Lil or Dart to venture into the woods and I didn’t want anything venturing into our yard…..ok so back to the story.

As I walked closer, I noticed this ………….

20130613_174426           20130613_173559 (1)

Holy Crap that’s one huge snake!!! I texted my co-worker and asked if she could tell if the snake was poisonous…..and then moved the dogs into the house.  She told me that it looked like a King Snake and that they were good for keeping other “bad” snakes away. OK, well….I’m sorry I don’t want anything that starts with KING living near my house let alone wanting to be my neighbor, it needed to be GONE!!

“Can it eat my dogs and cat?” I asked.

“No, the dogs won’t bother it because of the smell, just get moth balls and put it on the outside of your fence. That’s what we do and we live in the woods”

I told her thanks……………..just then my husband came home.

“Honey I have to show you something…..it’s outside and it’s BIG”, I knew what he was thinking “Ok….I bet it’s nothing but I will entertain this country newbie”……… “See it’s a snake, but there’s a bunch of flies around it”……he crouched down and peeked. “Honey, it’s dead can’t you smell that?”…………… “I smelled something but I didn’t know it was dead.” he looked at me with a little grin “have you ever smelled a dead animal?”…… “Uhm no”

It’s not like I had the pleasure of smelling rotting dead animals in the city………..yeah I would see a dead bird that was victim of a cats late night prowl but other than that…………..no.

After I knew it was dead I got brave and grabbed my camera…….but first to make SURE IT WAS DEAD,  I kicked the fence a little bit just to maybe startle it………it didn’t move. So I slowly removed the bricks…………..

100_0306        100_0307

I wanted to find the head because with a humongous body the head had to be like this


well…..carefully I pulled the bricks way…..but not too much because for some reason I thought that with my luck it was just in a deep sleep and once I disturbed it’s slumber it would pop up and I would have my own booty pucker moment. Well……………


That’s the head …………..that little itty bitty thing is the head and it was dead. How in the world could that be the owner of that huge body? For a minute I thought that maybe there were two snakes, but I was wrong……………..just one.

Later this evening, our lawn boy and my husband were outside looking at the dead snake, they concluded that it probably ate something that killed it…..the lawn boy wanted to move it away from the house and headed back behind the fence when he stopped and stated there was another snake and it was hissing at him.

“hmmmmmm is it big?”

“No, it’s small….maybe I will just hop over the fence”

Ohhh great ……… I’m going to have to go buy some mothballs………where the heck do I buy mothballs??? Well, I know what I will be doing this weekend!  I guess this is life in the country……..



10 thoughts on “OH MY GOSH…what the heck is that!!!

  1. I ain’t hitting like to this. No mam. Uh uh. I’ve lived country all my life. Ain’t no way. No how. Do not do me that a’way. Here in nc , we can’t kill rattlesnakes. Against the law. Endangered.

    Id be like……what rattler? I don’t know nuttin. All the while that thing would be in the burn pile. 😕

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  3. Oy, nope I wouldn’t like that at all dead or not. Though I am better with snakes that kill stuff I dislike (like rats), but bleh just the same. Moth ball the crap out of that area.

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