Americas favorite past time……it’s obviously not mine

“Honey, I’m going to quiz you”, I looked up from my Nook and thought that this was a new form of foreplay, hmmm ok I’ll bite. “Quiz me on what?” I said. Staring at his phone he said “I will give you the baseball  team name and you tell me what city they are from”. Really?? seriously??? This is going to be an instant fail!! I know 3 teams at best, I didn’t grow up in a baseball loving, must watch every single game type of home……..we were a football loving , Green and Gold cheesehead wearing family.

I instantly went into panic mode, I hate disappointing my husband and knowing I’m going to “strike out” bad isn’t how I wanted to spend the next 5 minutes. So, I was going to try my best……and hope that the three teams I do know will be part of this quiz.


Ok……I’m sorry but the first thing that came to mind was Astro from the Jetsons. Shit this isn’t going to be good. THINK JOLENE….THINK.


“hmmmm don’t know”

“Houston……try the Pirates”

Come on, think…..Pirates…..shit Jolene stop thinking of Johnny Depp…your husband is staring at you. He wants a serious answer.




“What about Blue Jays”

“Who would name their team after a Blue Jay really?…..Honey I don’t know”


I am feeling stupid by this time……I am NOT like his ex-girlfriend from Philly who probably knows all about baseball…..He knows I’m baseball illiterate.


ok I got this one……


“Honey….the city….not the state”




he smiled…..


Not another one……think …THINK HARD….

“their team is green and yellow????”

rolling his eyes he says “no, orange and black”

“well then I don’t know”


After a few more failed attempts  he told me that he wants me to study and memorize all the teams. “what for?” ………..ohhh this is so not happening. He started to talk about our 3 month trip, which is YEARS down the road; where we hit all the baseball fields in the U.S (one of his bucket list items) and that I should know something about the teams when we go. Ok……yeah I understand that I need to pay more attention when the games are on t.v, but there’s no way I’m pulling up ESPN and memorizing teams and their city. “What’s in it for me?” I asked cutely…………”I’ll be proud of you” he said.

Really?? that’s it??  No….I’ll buy you a foot long or a bag of peanuts or one of those foamy fingers? ……well needless to say I’m not rushing to ESPN anytime soon….hahaha….honestly, I do enjoy going with him to watch the local baseball team play…….what are they in ?? AAA divsion???…..hold up let me google to make sure that’s correct…..glad I did……it’s a CLASS A or AA circuit team (Honey, I know what you are thinking and I know there will be a discussion later about this…hahaha)….back in the day (10 years ago) we would go see the Lake Elsinore Storms play, besides being entertained by their mascot and praying that I won’t get hit with a ball, I thought it was the cutest thing when he got up and starting singing “take me out to the ballgame”….I seriously only saw this in movies and was taken back by everyone standing up around me, swaying, belting out the lyrics and just having a jolly good time!!….crap, now I have to learn that song, maybe I will google the lyrics and surprise him the next time we watch the Little Rock Travelers play….ohhh he’d be so proud or embarrassed….I can’t stay in tune for the life of me!!


4 thoughts on “Americas favorite past time……it’s obviously not mine

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