Beam me up Scotty…Blog Challenge


You’re at work and then you start thinking “Did I close the garage door?”, “Ohhh man, did I leave the cat outside….uhhh it’s going to storm”, “Did I leave the oven on?”, “ohhh crap I forgot to take something out for dinner”.  There’s no way for you to leave work and if you do it means you will lose pay just to run back home to realize the cat is inside, the oven is off and the garage door is closed. If only I had the power to teleport myself for a brief moment in time to check on those things that I don’t remember doing would be totally cool!!!

Wouldn’t it be great to just teleport yourself to your favorite restaurant or bypass airlines all together and go to places that you have always wanted to go to….sometimes I think it  would be awesome to just be able to dematerialized and pop up at my favorite winery in Temecula, Ca and spend some time with my best friend. …..or pop in on my children unexpectedly ……haha.

There have been a few moments in the past that I would have loved this superpower, these moments would be when I was out on a ride with my husband. I realized that there are limits to my riding with him……1. If it’s below 60 degrees  and 2. Over 90 degrees with 100% humidity. In February my honey was getting antsy and wanted to go for a bike ride so I decided to go with him, I knew it would be cold so I layered up………………well, all I can say is that 30 minutes into the ride I felt like Jim Carrey in Dumb and Dumber frozen stiff!!



I would have loved to just say “Honey, I’m freezing I am going to pop on back home and sit by the fireplace and defrost a bit…..I will see you when you get home”.  The second experience was when we were almost road kill …..we were so close to getting taken out by 2 deer that to this day I have no idea how we survived that!!! I could have reached out and touched one if I didn’t have my eyes closed tight  while I was waiting for impact of the deer, the ground or tree!!


4 thoughts on “Beam me up Scotty…Blog Challenge

  1. My paranoi is that I’ve left my hair straighteners on. I have to say it out loud as I’m turning them off in a morning, “I’ve turned my straighteners off” or I’ll panic when I get to work. I’ve thought about the transporter thing many times!

    Great post!

    • Thank you!! I get paranoid about the garage door more than anything…..a few weeks ago I was almost to work and I couldn’t stop thinking that I didn’t close the garage door, that gut feeling was sooo bad that I turned around and drove the 10 miles back home to realize it was closed!!!

    • haha thanks…..those deer are crazy!! it’s like they are on a suicide mission or something…..I don’t know what they are thinking leading their family into the road KNOWING that something is speeding their way!!

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