Twizzlers, soft kisses, playing with my hair and being you.


First way to my heart is just being you. Not the made up version you think women want, the real raw you….the honest, truthful, bring me into your closet full of skeletons and reveal the whole you.  There is nothing more disappointing then finding out that the person you have spent days, months or even years with isn’t the person they proclaimed to be. Actually it ticks me off! Don’t tell me you have your shit together, that you are some manager of a restaurant when you’re only their delivery driver, that you dedicate your life to your children and have your anger issues under control when in reality you don’t. 

Second way to my heart is loving and treating my furkids the way you would treat your own children. Pretending to be a dog/cat person will only get you so far because I will know…..THEY WILL KNOW……TRUST ME.

lily                                           pets

Third way to my heart is quite simple really………….. ask me how my day was. Not just asking and then tuning out 5 minutes later while I am still sharing about my day. Showing that you care no matter how stupid or insignificant to you it may be; what’s important is that you are listening and that means more than anything.


Ohhh and if you’re confused by the title of the post…..well I was only allowed 3 things……but surprising me with a bag of Twizzlers will make my day and maybe my week!!! Soft kisses from my honey makes me melt ……..and those nights when I lay my head on his lap and he runs his fingers through my hair turns me into mush….it’s better than a massage!!


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