It was a booty pucker moment

I can’t remember the last time I laughed so hard and I felt that it was only fitting to share it with all of you. Now as you have read I moved to Arkansas just recently from Southern California and I am getting accustomed to living in the country….. you have the country critters, the country food and the country slang which has entertained me to know end!
For the last 40 minutes my boss, my co-worker  and I were gathered in my office (it was a slow day and a 5 minutes conversation turned into 40) the conversation started with us talking about  rashes, then some how it turned into talking about the creepy crawlies that they have had the pleasure of coming in contact with….like tarantula and scorpions (which mind you I thought only lived in the desert), well these girls started in with their stories and out came the country slang. Ohh it was the funniest thing ever………for instance :
“Smooth out” ……here I will use it in a sentence “it freaked me the smooth out”. Then there was “freak the plum out” and we weren’t talking about fruit, but my favorite was when my boss was telling us a story and began with “Girls it was a booty pucker moment”, that alone had me in stitches…..and this story was just her experience driving at night and when she looked in her rear view mirror she thought she saw a dog chasing her, but it wasn’t no dog…….it was a deer and scared her the smooth out!!! (had to do it)…….and although it doesn’t seem like a funny story……..  when you add the country draw and the country slang it just makes any story better!!

3 thoughts on “It was a booty pucker moment

  1. I remember when I first started hearing ‘ya’ll’ and ‘fixin’ on a daily basis. Then when I said I was drinking ‘pop’ I got the stink eye. No one knew what pop was, so I’ve since had to change my vocabulary to soda. (Moved from Chicago to Florida) Thanks for sharing the funny story.

    • When I would visit family in Wisconsin I would hear people talk about the bubbler…..I wasn’t sure what they were talking about at first until I was asked “hey do you know where the bubbler is?” …… then I asked “what’s a bubbler?” …………it’s a drinking fountain, how it got it’s name as “The Bubbler” is beyond me….it doesn’t bubble!!! hahahha

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