“OK, I will budge….how are you?” ….calling a truce

Thirty four years of friendship under our belt must mean something right? We shouldn’t just squash it all to pieces just because we had our first fight in YEARS. After I wrote vented about My Maid of Dishonor a couple weeks ago I couldn’t move forward…….normally after I vent about something I let it go and move on, this didn’t happen.  She HAD to be missing me, right? I missed her and hearing all about her crazy chaotic life….we never had gone THIS long without talking or texting.

Yes, her behavior before and after the wedding was not cool by any means but it shouldn’t be what causes our friendship to end.  So yesterday I got up the nerve to text her…….I felt silly staring at my cellphone figuring out what to say. Finally I jumped ………

“Ok, I will budge…..how are you?” I knew her phone would beep to announce she had a message, but the silence was killing me. Was she just going to hit delete? Was she going to read it and think who the heck is this, I don’t know this number? But then there was a good possibility that she simply wouldn’t get it because she’s waiting on cellphone # 7 to arrive in the mail…..she had a habit of losing or breaking them.

My phone went off a few minutes later and of course she didn’t recognize the number but she had figured it was me. We slowly played the “how are you doing” game and slowly feeling things out…….I gave her my very short cliff note version of my life in the country and then NOTHING………..but I didn’t get my panties in a bunch….ok maybe a little…….but the next morning my phone went off like crazy, she filled me in on all that has happened in the past 5 months and then I read it……she wrote……“I really miss you” she was back. ….but I was left a little saddened because she shared some troubling news about her health. She was diagnosed with kidney disease and parathyroid and that’s when I started Googling away.

Our friendship trumps any stupid fight ………. Because I know there is going to be a time when my phone will go off at the wee hours in the morning ……it will be her just wanting to talk and I will be there for her……………..like I have always been. No matter what!!


That’s us …. putting on one of our many shows for the neighborhood. I’m the brunette little girl, she’s the blondie and that little girl in the pink is my sister.


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