Home is where you hang your hat

#5  HOME

When I first saw what todays  post was supposed to be about I instantly thought of one thing. A moment in time where all things stopped for a brief second and a new chapter in my life began.  If you read yesterdays post I spoke about how my husband and I had a reunion of sorts up in Santa Barbara last July…..well all good things had to come to an end that weekend and I had to say good-bye and where he gave me that long-awaited kiss at the bottom of the escalator 3 days prior we were standing there yet again not wanting to say good-by.

He stood there staring straight into my eyes, tears filling his  beautiful green eyes; he said “Darlin, Cowboys hang their hat at home. You are my home.” He took his cowboy hat off his head and placed it on mine, grabbed me and kissed me ohhh so passionately (getting goosebumps just thinking about it).  My heart was breaking; I didn’t want him to leave. With tears falling I looked up at him an said “you’re my home too”.  He then started walking towards the escalator to get to his flight. I grabbed his hat and said “wait your hat”, he smiled and whispered “keep it honey, it stays at home….you’re my home, I love you”.  With tears streaming down my face I watched my Cowboy leave to go back Arkansas.

okay enough of the mushy stuff……..

So home isn’t necessarily the house we live in, home can be when I am wrapped up in his arms or riding on the back of his bike holding on for dear life!!

hang hat


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