And to think Fifty Shades of Gray brought us back together!!

Ok……after a few days of thinking about the challenge, I’ve decided to take the plunge and do the 30 day blog challenge otherwise known as the Be Happy Challenge. It’s harmless and I know I can stick to this rather than a 30 day diet because God knows I can only tolerate a week without carbs before I become one heck of a cranky lady. I love my carbs; I have the curves to show for it!!


#4 Something/Someone that makes me happy

As much as he can be a cranky old goat at times, my husband makes me happy. Ohhh don’t worry this isn’t going to be some sappy ODE to my husband because I really don’t think people could stomach that this early in the morning.

We met ten years ago and after dating for nine months we went our separate ways …..dated others, I married Mr.Crazy which didn’t last a year….life happened, but in those ten years while we were apart living our lives  no matter how many years had past I couldn’t shake him from my heart or brain. His touch, his smile, his being was embedded into my soul and there was no man that could even stand a chance to him. It was crazy …. I tried to find pieces of him in the men that I dated but I just grew frustrated and eventually ended it because they didn’t touch me like he did NOT even with coaching did they come close, they didn’t have his gentlemen qualities and they certainly didn’t look at me the way he did. I would often hear “you will never be happy, what is it that you are searching for?”, what I was searching for lived on the other side of the country and was involved. Over the years we kept tabs on each other and even though he would flirt with me it would just make me frustrated because there was no way I could be with him again and put my heart through the turmoil of losing him once more.

UNTIL………….June of last year. I ended up jumping onto the Fifty Shades of Gray bandwagon and decided to see what all the hoopla was all about. While reading the book the characters seemed quite familiar, the heated moments brought back memories (minus the play room and the heavy equipment). Then instead of seeing the characters in my head I saw HIM “the Major” (my husband) and I. Holy Shit!!  Well, I tried to block him from my thoughts, but they were too strong. I grabbed my laptop and logged onto Facebook and found him and sent a silly off the wall message regarding the book that I was reading and how it reminded me of us…….him.

Here’s the message :

So i picked this book up last night…..with each page i read, the main character reminded me of someone…….confident, matter of fact, ballsy, charming. Then …….i came to the part of the book where it GETS GOOD…..and i sat there with book in hand, faced flushed because the book just took me there…..and then i said “shit i have been with this Mr.Grey type”……. Because Mr.Grey in the bedroom was sexually domineering, knew how to please a woman and enjoyed the naughty stuff but yet never disrespecting the girl (other main character)…….their sexual energy ……brought back memories of our sexual energy…….the pulling of the hair, the spanking, the biting, the raw sex… was all in the book. it was soooooo crazy!!!

just thought i would share that!!!! ……..although Mr.Grey has more bondage and whips fetishes than i think you and i have ventured into but …….it’s such a good damn book……

Hope all is going good……

That message set the ball rolling……..we talked all the time and then we decided to see if the spark was still there so we planned at mini weekend vacation up in Santa Barbara (our favorite place). I waited for him at the airport and I was nervous as all get out !! Then I saw him come down the escalator…..cowboy boots,wranglers, simple white t-shirt, cowboy hat and one hell of a sexy smile!! Things hadn’t changed one bit………..he looked at me and said “Hello Darlin” and we kissed. In all honesty…..I couldn’t wait to take him back to the hotel to continue our little reunion!!!  That weekend just made us realize that even though ten years had passed we still loved one another. OHH the crazy thing  about the love stuff…..while we dated (for 9mths) we never said I love you, we did love each other and he knew I did but for our own personal reasons we didn’t go there. ….but we went there that weekend and never looked back. He proposed to me a few months later and we sealed the deal late December.


Yeah we had our tiny issues…..newlywed “power struggles” I like to call them. We are both stubborn and we have been living our own lives and have our own routines so getting to know  ones quirks is always “interesting” but no matter the disagreement we both know that we have this overwhelming love for one another that has stood the test of time and one silly disagreement isn’t going to change that. Like he always says “I love you …. I don’t know why, but I do”…..then I look up at him and say…. “It’s because I make a killer meatloaf”….. then I see his handsome grin.

But I can say this…………in the small amount of time that we have been married I have learned a lot and that search that I have been on for the past ten years……….well the search is no more because I go home to my one and only every night. He’s my stubborn old goat and I love him!!



4 thoughts on “And to think Fifty Shades of Gray brought us back together!!

  1. Dang. You got yourself a hottie! I’m turning all kinds of red for you girl thinking about that book!!! Hahaha.
    Say…did I say I LEFT MY BRAND NEW BOOK ON THE FLIPPING PLANE ?? While I was being spanked, someone else was getting lucky! Damn.

    • hahaha…You’re too funny!!

      I certainly have something to look at when I get home….and believe me I try to push him buttons from time to time, ya never know what could be in store!! hahaha

  2. That is such a lovely story and I am so glad that it had a happy ending! Makes me inspired to follow my heart 🙂

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