Help! I have Nookitis


“Kelly,can you make me an appt to see Monica …. I have Nookitis”  she started to laugh because she knows that this is ALL her fault. She hooked me again with a great book series……I was kinda leery at first because there was no way a series could be just as entertaining as the Mageri series and the New Species series, but after spending this past weekend reading the first two books of the Black Dagger Brotherhood series by J.R ward. I have to say I’m hooked……but it took me a few chapters of the first book to actually give it a chance; again I felt like I was cheating on the Mageri and New Species….hahaha……plus there was a sentence in the first chapter that made me laugh and reminded me of Joey from Friends when he wanted a role of a 19 yr old.


"Sup with the whack playstation, sup?huh?"

“Sup with the whack playstation, sup?huh?”

The Black Dagger Brotherhood Series is a paranormal romance book series that focuses on 6 “brothers” who are also warriors fighting against Lessers whom want to eradicate the entire vampire race.  Intertwined within the story of the 6 vampire warriors are women (making up the romantic part to the books) and the evil lessers who are just very nasty for lack of a better word to describe the grossness that are the lesser society (as their race is known in the books).


It’s not like the “Twilight” series…..and no the Vampires don’t feed on humans, it’s a captivating series, hense my Nookitis.

Symptoms: Sore wrist from holding your nook for hours on end, eyes feel strained because you have been staring at the damn Nook for hours, slight headache because your eyes are straining to keep focus on the words on the Nook because you have been reading for hours or even days at a time.


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