He never told me about the snakes!!

Yesterday my husband was knee deep in country and it turned me on. It’s not every day that he climbs on top of a tractor even if it was only to try and get it out of a ditch…….see a neighbor and my husband had a plan, it was one of those plans that look good on paper but when you actually start doing it you realize that it wasn’t going to turn out like you had hoped.

my honey showing me some love...see the finger.

my honey showing me some love…see the finger.

Two years ago the town that I live in got hit bad by a tornado, the neighborhood got hit hard but now you couldn’t tell that houses were damaged. They rebuilt, but there are still parts with down trees, stumps of trees and just “stuff”…..and some of that “stuff”  is behind our house.  From what my husband told me was the back was full of trees, you couldn’t see through them…….but now you can.


So, yesterday my husband and his friend decided to move some of the foliage and tree stumps but they had a problem…….there was just too much of it. They spent a couple hours out there getting all dirty……meanwhile my furkids were barking up a storm, they never heard a tractor before  and I knew they wanted to run out in their yard but before I did that I had to close the gate leading to the field behind our house. As I was heading back to the gate I saw something move and I’m not down with things that move especially knowing that since the men were out screwing around back there that they were probably disturbing some creatures, well it wasn’t anything furry like a cute raccoon ……. I moved closer…….then I saw it…….a snake coming up from under the fence. “ohhhh shit!!”  I didn’t scream…..but I was “ohh shitting” A LOT!!! I got up closer….not close enough that it would jump but close enough to see that it wasn’t a rattlesnake. (Meanwhile, Manwich our neighbors’ cat was watching me…..he was probably laughing at me and calling me stupid city girl)


I ran to get my phone to take a picture to show you all how big it was but when I came back it got camera shy and slithered back beneath the fence. So the city girl in me had only one thing in mind……put a brick over the entry, because that solves everything!!!  


I heard the tractor stop…..so I opened the fence to see my husband walking up. “Guess what honey, there was a snake coming into our yard , it wasn’t a rattlesnake though, I checked….. it was huge” I slightly exaggerated……he laughed. “Well there’s probably a lot of snakes back here and honey we don’t have rattlesnakes….you are not in the desert”……….uhhhh what?? Last week were the ugly crawdad things popping out of our yard, a visit from a toad and now snakes? “well I put some bricks up where it came out” he came around to see what I did and said “honey bricks won’t keep out the snake it can slitter beside the bricks or up the fence”… “uhhh honey could it hurt Lily ,Dart or Sami?”…..he chuckled  “it was probably a gardener snake” …..probably??? that wasn’t good enough for me but he laughed and went back for more dirty country work. 

After awhile and inspecting my brick work it seemed to make sense in my head but when I actually thought about it, he was right!! Shhhh don’t tell him I said that……..fyi, the bricks are still there……geez…….what’s next??


6 thoughts on “He never told me about the snakes!!

  1. You should watch Animal Planets Call of the Wildman. This guy named Turtle Man in Kentucky catches all kinds of critters and animals with his bare hands…its crazy!

    I hate critters that aren’t my house cat or my sister’s dachsund.

    • hahaha……..I actually saw the commercial for that show and started laugh!!! I may have to if I see anymore “country creatures” hahaha…..my husband is getting a kick out of it i know!!!

  2. Ha, this is great. I’m a midwestern city (Chicago) girl living in Florida for two decades now. The city girl in me never left. You sounded very calm to find a snake in your yard. Thank God you didn’t have what happened to me a couple of years ago … snakes in my house! Ack! That was a nightmare. Thankfully they weren’t poisonous and we found where they were sneaking in to block it off. Whew! Cute story.

    • Haha Thank you!!! snakes in my house would make me want to pack up and hang out at the Holiday Inn Express and I wouldn’t care if animals were allowed are not!! Believe me, I wanted to scream but no one would have heard me considering the guys were on that loud tractor …..hahaha……well i take that back, my furkids would have heard me and gone crazy considering they think they are my almighty protectors!!

      • Don’t think I didn’t check into that Holiday Inn! At the time we were in between fur kids and didn’t need to worry about pet friendly or not. Stay safe from those slithery fellows.

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