He sent you what???

A few days ago I received an urgent message from my friend Marie. She needed my advice or rather run her situation by me to make sure she wasn’t crazy. She has landed herself an amazing man, granted he is going through a divorce (but who isn’t these days?) he still manages to make her feel on top of the world. They have been dating for over 6 months and spending nearly every waking moment together but even though life is wonderful she is waiting patiently to hear  those three words “I love you”.

“ I told him I loved him via text message during a girls night out and he replied with a smiley face….did you hear me? ….a smiley face!!!!!”. I sensed the obvious frustration…..but yet I was in disbelief, what forty year old man replies with a smiley face? Hell, I have heard some crazy responses to being told “I love you”, like……when my brother in-law told my sister he loved her and her reply was “Thank you”, but never a smiley face.  So like any good friend we tried to dissect the “smiley face” into different little meanings, this should have been done over a couple glasses of wine but this was an urgent matter. I let her vent and catch me up to speed on the last couple weeks, while I started Googling……..and let me tell you, not even Google can give you a straight answer when you type in “How long should you wait before you say I love you”. I read comment after comment, women waiting 3 years for their man to say those words and some claiming if he doesn’t say it after a year then send him packing.

We came to some girl code understanding that texting I love you while drinking does not and should not count which made his smiley face null and void. Yes, saying those three words in the heat of passion can slip out and if he happens to just smile back then he may need more time or just another blow job; whatever will get the “job” done. …….Although waiting 2 years for your guy to “man up” and declare his love would be a little too long for even me to wait, but their romance is still fresh and like I told my friend “he shows you he loves you in what he does for you and how he treats you….he may not say it yet because of his own reasons (getting a divorce) so just enjoy what you guys have right now…..no pressure!”

But seriously….. A smiley face!???…. What I should have told her to do was the next time he asks “babe how was I last night?”…. She should send him a smiley face in return …. But that’s just me.



9 thoughts on “He sent you what???

  1. This was a hilarious post. I would have been really shocked if I got a smiley face, that is really immature. I will never understand how these things work. Thanks for sharing and best of luck 🙂

    • Thank you!!! Believe me when my friend told me what happened I wanted to laugh, but i couldn’t….hahaha…….she will get that I Love you but not on her “timeline”….she’s not patient though…haha

  2. I SO HATE to reply my comment to this, but ..maybe its the saver in me to help “save” another from hurt and pain..and hopefully I am completely wrong..,sounds like a “playa” to me. Only because I was recently played. AND I didnt know it ..while I thought I was the only one. He too was going through a divorce. I played into all his song and dance of being “his baby” ..blah blah blah…He also broke my heart to the ninth degree. MAKE HIM MAKE THE NEXT MOVE. MAKE HIS ASS WORK FOR IT. HER heart, integrity and self dignity is so much more worthy than a smiley face. If he doesnt know where he stands after this anount of time….day in and day out, I mean SIX MONTHS? Really? When i think of a smiley face…my mind thinks of a walmart rollback tag…and another thing, I HATE TEXTS !!??!!??!!! you can read, then re-read then question the read..then arguments break out over texts because how they are read. GOOD LORD.

    If he thinks she is queen of his world, so will someone else who will be MAN enough to SAY…I LOVE YOU FIRST!

    Im sorry..I think men ..NOT ALL MEN…but players want their cake and want to eat it too without the attachment.
    I wish her the best of luck. And my heart be with her….

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