Note to self : Smile more



“Smile, are you feeling ok?”

“You don’t smile much”

This is something I hear often especially from my co-workers.

Earlier today as I was heading back to my office from the restroom I saw one of my co-workers in the hallway sporting one huge smile. “Smile” …….. Here we go again I thought…… “You never smile”….. I looked at her, grinned and said “I’m smiling on the inside”.  My co-workers and Miss Smiley just started laughing. “That’s the best thing I heard all day” one said.

A couple months ago one of our patients approached a co-worker of mine and inquired if I had left, my co-worker informed her that I had received a promotion and moved to another position. “Ohhh ok, I don’t think she was happy up in the front, she never smiled” the patient stated. “Ohhhh she’s from California!!” my co-worker said. “ohhhhh ok that makes sense” she replied. 

It makes sense?  really??? I guess to her Californians are too busy to smile and chit chat……I’ve noticed that living in the South people are very hospitable and they smile!! maybe it’s do to the lack of road rage and not having to inhale smog on a daily basis….. So I have made a mental note to smile more…………it’s not like I am some snob or an unhappy person at work. I love my job, but I have my own office and there’s no one to smile at and half the time I am so involved in paperwork that I don’t look up every time someone passes my door, yeah I can be a witty jokester and stand around the water cooler talking about the latest Real Housewives episode but I really don’t have the time to be social and run around the whole office chit chatting away.

In all honesty though, I’ve never been one of those happy go lucky always smiling type of people. It doesn’t mean I’m sad, depressed or miserable……because life is good,  I’m smiling on the inside and that is all that matters!!


7 thoughts on “Note to self : Smile more

  1. This has been an ongoing issue my whole life. When I am not smiling…my face looks like I am super mad. I’m not, I’m just in a neutral state.

    Californians can be very smiley…I don’t know what that patient is talking about. I live here and have my whole life. I think though, the closer you get to Los Angeles, the less smiles you will see. I don’t live in L.A. but about 70 miles east of it. Up north, there are smiles galore to.

    And now, just because I live near L.A. I do NOT see movie stars on a regular basis.

    Oh how I love when people generalize geographically… *sigh*

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