Just be you …..there’s no need to morph into your partner


This quote resonated with me in such a big way because keeping true to who you are in a relationship is so important; it’s a small part of why your partner fell in love with you. I knew early on that my husband enjoyed jumping on his motorcycle and riding out into Gods country, seeing the beauty of the land and occasionally getting himself lost but this is what he enjoys…….and from time to time if the weather is just right I will join him on a day ride. I will never grow as passionate as he is when it comes to riding, after a few hours I get bored; wishing I would have brought my Nook or iPod….but I just sit back and enjoy the sights and make sure nothing pops out onto the road like a deer, dogs or those cute turtles that find themselves crossing the road.

Although my passions don’t take me out into country he has known early on that I enjoy a good book and can settle on the couch right next to him and get lost in some amazing story or when he sees my laptop in tow he will give me time to write without any interruption which I absolutely love about him.

Our worlds mesh just right, I admire that he is his own person and doesn’t pretend to be nothing else. I remember being so frustrated with the men that I would find myself in a relationship with; one in particular had no idea who he was and would try and morph into whomever he admired. He simply tried too hard to fit in I guess; a copy cat of sorts. For instance, when I started to go back to school two weeks later he applied, when I started blogging he followed suit, my love for wine and wine tasting became his “new” fave but he just looked ridiculous at wineries when he tried to act like he knew a thing or two about it. The craziest thing was when he wanted to become Catholic because I was ….even though he trashed it for months…………His inability to be his own person was a turn off, once I parted ways he started to morph into his “idol”, my first husband…..which is the saddest yet funniest thing I have ever seen. I’m just waiting to see him sport a puka shell necklace which is my first husbands’ signature piece of shit….he already bought a cowboy hat just like his, it’s simply ridiculous, sad really.

Being your own person, having your own passions …..Letting your spouse or partner thrive in their passions while creating your life together, making memories that will last a life time is so important. I didn’t realize this until my husband and I reconnected again. In some ways I never experienced what it was like to actually be with someone who I didn’t have to carry….meaning supporting their lazy asses!!! Hahahah….but that’s another story!!

I’m simply blessed!!


3 thoughts on “Just be you …..there’s no need to morph into your partner

  1. Great post. Relationships shouldn’t change us completely and turn us into a different person. It should be a compliment to our lives as we continue going after our goals and dreams. I loved reading this and best of luck with everything 🙂

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