I have a date tonight………….with my DVR


Yesterday, my husband left to go on a four day motorcycle ride to North Carolina and while he is gone I plan on watching all my girly shows in silence…..meaning I don’t have to hear his silly opinions regarding what I watch. I will also treat myself to a long bubble bath, grab my nook, a glass of wine and just sink into a new saucy adventure.

On second thought, I may not get through all the shows tonight or even indulge in a tub full of bubbles because in all honesty I’m tired. Days leading up to his bike trip I had this vision of  sleeping soundly in bed with my furkids all around me just snoring away and waking up refreshed, boy was I wrong!!  I am a light sleeper to begin with but last night I had supersonic hearing…….I woke up to every creek, every rustle and outside noise there was. I don’t know why I was on edge; I live in a nice, small country town with hardly any crime…………it’s not like some cow was going to bust in, heck my house is locked up like I was back living in Southern California and I know that if anything or anyone would step foot in our yard my furkids would hear it and they would act as though they were  full sized German Sheppard’s ready to attack!! so, I am going on three hours of sleep and have no patience for stupid, I am just dragging today…..it’s just strange not to have him there  to snuggle up close to……… but I know that he loves taking these rides and I have no problem with it. It’s what he loves to do, although I don’t know if I could withstand 4 days on and off a bike traveling for hours on end. I can only take a few hours on the back of his bike before my butt  starts hurting and believe me I have plenty of cushion back there so there is no reason for it to go numb or hurt…….but 3-5 hours is all I can handle for now.

But……tonight  I will pop a bag of popcorn, pour a glass of wine and catch up on The Real Housewives of Orange County and my new favorite Newlyweds, the first year!!


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