Personal Space Invader


Personal space…..some people honor it and some……..well they don’t understand what “personal space” is all about. They don’t see that you are taking steps backwards to hold onto “your” space, they just keep creeping forward, they don’t notice the lack of eye contact and they don’t notice that you really don’t want to carry on the conversation that they think you  would be interested in having…………… “sir I really don’t care to know how your routine colonoscopy went  or how your great uncle Lester sold your cow at this weekend’s fair” is what I would have loved to say but I just stood there nodding and smiling like I care about his rectal exam and family affairs…….all the while wondering if I can pull off answering my cell phone for that nonexistent  phone call.

I witnessed firsthand someone sucking the air out of some ones personal space and honestly it was quite amusing. While waiting at the airport for my daughter to arrive I noticed the lady in the blue dress standing super close to the airline employee. He gave her a side glance, which to some would mean “uhmmmm back away”….he took a step forward (to breath) but in her world she took this as “lets talk”. She then proceeded to touch his neon orange vest , chit chatting about his line of work I assume??…..then…..she reached up for touch his ear muffs…….yes, she had the audacity to reach up and touch his ear muffs!!! I thought for sure he would tell her to step off, but he was a gentleman and kindly turned his back to her trying to ignore her…..but that didn’t stop her from asking him questions about his soon to be Starbuck purchase…..I know he must have been relieved when the lady behind the counter rescued him and asked him for his order.

2013-05-27 16.50.36

I was just dumbfounded…….amused…….but dumbfounded.


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