You GOT to be kidding me NBC


You know that list that comes out a couple times a year from our wonderful television networks stating which shows they are going to renew and cancel? Well that list came out today and let me tell you that I am a bit ticked off. How can they cancel SMASH? Really NBC, REALLY???  There are so many other shows that lack luster and entertainment value on your network….what about getting rid of All-Star Apprentice?  I think we all have had enough of Mr. Trump and his horrible comb over. What about Revolution, from what I have heard it confusing the heck out of people, Lost it’s not……NBC cut the cord on that show instead of Smash and come to think of it why not consider pulling the plug on Save me, Rock Center with Brian Williams (we have plenty of nighttime news shows) and Ready for Love…..come on, we don’t need any more Bachelor wanna be shows….ughhh

Smash was the adult version of Glee without the slushies and high school drama. New York was their back drop; you couldn’t get any better than that!!  The story lines were…ok, I will admit it…..drawn out some…………but come on!!! NBC can’t leave us   me hanging….what’s going to happen with Ivy now that she’s prego with Derek’s baby, she’s on Broadway they can’t have a prego Marilyn. What about Karen, she just got to Broadway!!! ….I loved the Bombshell/Hit List stories and songs…..uhhhhhh…….  I absolutely LOVE Megan (Ivy) and Katherine (Karen) their voices are amazing!!!!


What’s next…..who’s next??? Uhhhh……. I better not see that The Big Bang theory isn’t going to be renewed or they have decided to cancel Revenge…….and to think, I thought I didn’t have anything to write about!!


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