Excuse me…but I’m not the one who peed on the floor!!!

So apparently I’m in trouble for what one of our furkids did. This morning I got up and slowly made my way to the bathroom to start my morning routine, on my way I noticed a wet paper towel on the carpet leading into the kitchen, I thought maybe Sammi  (our cat) tripped my husband and he spilled his coffee. Still half asleep I made a mental note that I would tend to it after my shower.  About twenty minutes later while applying my “war paint” my husband opened the door, I was thinking he was saying his “goodbyes and I love yous” but I was wrong. He proceeded to tell me that the paper towel on the floor was because one of our furkids had peed on the floor and why didn’t I notice that the floor was wet.  “ohhh I thought Sammi tripped you and you spilled coffee, I will clean it up” he looked at me and said “really?” then he grabbed his lunch and headed out to the garage.

There I was, make-up in hand watching him walk out the door. He has to be coming back, he forgot his phone and most importantly he forgot to say good bye…………I stared at the door……..and the next thing I heard was the garage door open and close.  “What the hell!!!” I stared at my furkids…… “Daddy is treating me like I am the one that peed on the floor! how was I suppose to know what the wet paper towel was covering, he never said a word to me while I was laying in bed or while he was getting ready!!!”   Still wrapped up in my towel I went to get all the carpet cleaners and on my hands and knees started scrubbing the carpet and with each motion I am getting more irritated. God forbid something happens to either one of us today, it’s not like I pissed him off or told the furkids to pee on the floor just irritate him. Yeah the pups should have known better but it was storming outside and not the wimpy storms ….the kind that wakes you out of your bed because the wind is whipping around, thunder is shaking the house, flashes of lightening brightens the room for a mere second, hail is beating against the window and I was laying in bed just waiting to hear the warning siren to take cover………but once the storm subsided I did take the furkids out at 3am to take care of business. So I am assuming that the accident happened while it was still storming………..nonetheless the pups are locked up in the kitchen, their grounded.


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