My husband plays a mean steering wheel!!!

I don’t know how many of you have a husband, boyfriend or guy friend that when they hear a song on the radio they break out their air guitar, air drums or air piano and start putting on a show for you.  This weekend we headed to Oklahoma to visit his mother for a belated Mothers day, it takes us usually 5 hours but with my Nook in tow the trip doesn’t seem that long, 40 minutes into the trip, REO Speedwagon  (or was it Ted Nuggent ?) came on ….. The Mister turned the sound up and I could see he was getting pumped up…..the show was about to start!!!   He’s singing to the top of his lungs, running his fingers up and down the steering wheel as though he is playing the guitar, next came the drum solo…ohhh you better watch out ……..seriously, our road trips are never boring!!

After about a few “shows” he started rubbing his arm. “Is your arm sore from playing the steering wheel honey?” …..his response “I don’t know how they do it, their forearms must get a good workout, my arm is tired” .



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