Book Hangover


You know those goosebumps that you get after you read the last paragraph of the book that has held you captive for hours or even days? , that longing in your heart that the world that you were immersed in couldn’t be finished…….you just want to go back and find out more, flipping back the pages to see if you missed something…….and then unable to think of nothing but the story, the characters and the “oh my gosh what’s going to happen next”.

I read A LOT of books but there hasn’t been many that have given me goosebumps or even made me teary eyed, but I just finished a book that is part 4 of a series that I have been totally drawn to for months.  It’s not my normal “Chick Lit” that I gravitate towards, it’s more fantasy based with an edge. GRAVITY, which is part of the Mageri Series by Dannika Dark. The main Character , Silver  (Zoe) is a riot, she’s witty and sarcastic; in some ways her one liners remind me of my best friend and I. She is brought into this new world of “Breeds” by a horrific experience yet the people that surround her become her family and in someway become yours.  This series will NOT let you down, it will make you laugh, roll your eyes, get pissed off, stir up some sexual emotions and take you on a trip that will only make you wanting more!!

Sooooo, what are you waiting for??……………..grab your Kindle or Nook and purchase the book!! I promise you will not be disappointed…..but start at the beginning with Sterling!!

If you want to read more about this series go to



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