Lunch gone bad …… twice in one week

So I’m 2 for 2 this week……. “what is she talking about” you say? Well let me tell you, For the last 5 months I have been making The Misters lunch so he could bring it to work. Before I came into the picture his lunch consisted of NOTHING, but he would then come home and indulge in cookies, cereal, egg sandwiches and whatever else single men digest. He seriously thought this gesture would change after a while and even when I am mad as all get out (ohhh see country newbie typed country slang) as can be I still make him lunch, it’s not as fancy and he sure doesn’t get cookies but he won’t starve.

Well, normally I usually put in some sort of leftovers but this weekend we were out of town so he got stuck with some pasta salad, I liked it and when my kids were around they loved it. After lunch I get a text message asking “what was that you made me for lunch”, I told him it was Suddenly Salad with bacon (I’m glad I didn’t throw in olives) . He didn’t care for it and made it known later when he cornered me in the kitchen and lovingly asked “what possessed you to put that in my lunch” hahaha….. “It was pasta salad and mister you should be lucky that you at least had something to eat”. I mentally noted that The Mister doesn’t like pasta salad along with other things that have been filed away.
Today, I decided to throw in some TGIF frozen buffalo chicken nuggets with the instruction to microwave it for 3.5 minutes…..well, I just got a message stating that the chicken was to rubbery and never to buy those again but he had plenty to munch on till dinner. ….. I’m thinking he over microwaved it but they were probably better if they were baked in the oven, but nonetheless I am not doing that great this week as far as lunches go. Maybe next week I will try sandwiches with a smiley face on the bread?? I think he got used to having leftover pork chops w/ veggies, meatloaf with potatos, chicken alfredo, spaghetti or some chicken concoction that I made earlier during the week.

But although he may complain here and there, it’s just a learning process until I know for certain what he likes and doesn’t like……………….but boy was I tempted to just give him a little container of pasta salad today with his rubbery chicken nuggets.


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