How I met the Mister —- A night i will never forget 1/11/02


July 2012

“I’m glad you finally realized that I was your girl from the very moment you saw me”, I flirtatiously texted The Mister. “Darlin’ you have been my girl since 1-11-02” , he replied. Wow, for being 14 years older than me he sure can remember his dates, I was quite impressed.

Ten years ago….
I remember that day like it was yesterday, I had just moved back to California and was living with one of my best friends while I was getting back on my feet again. She knew I had been so stressed out and thought a night out would do me some good. She was right….she was always right!!! We headed straight to the bar on base looking our very best and ready to have a good night out. Once we got there, I soon realized that this was the place to go… blaring, people laughing, men in uniform …..this is exactly what I needed!

Jenny seemed to know everyone, but this wasn’t anything new. This was how it was when we were in High School. She just has that bubbly out- going personality that everyone loves and making friends was never a hard thing for her to do, unlike me and my shy nature…..(well at first). While making our way to the bar, she introduced me to so many people ….names were now being put to faces that I only heard about over the phone for years. She would give me a nod to motion me to look at a guy in the corner to let me know that man was the dick that played her a few months back and then she would point to the tall blonde man talking to the red head and proceeded to tell me that he was her latest conquest which I knew she would conquer with ease.
Once we had our drink in hand she led me to the patio for more “meet and greets”. I was loving the scenery….Camo was beginning to be my favorite color!! While listening to Jenny talk to her co-workers, I was scanning the crowd and my eyes locked onto this man dressed in Camo, …..well to be honest it was his ass that got my attention . I’ve never seen such an amazing ass on a man. “Jenny, who’s that guy over there ?” ….she followed my gaze and said “ohhhh that’s the Major come on, I will introduce you to him”.

The man with the ass was busy chatting it up with a bunch of his friends when we approached. My friend caught his attention and as he turned around our eyes met. “Holy shit, he has an amazing ass and he’s hot….ohhhh I’m in trouble” I thought. “This is my friend, she just moved back to California”, she said. “Well, Hello Darlin it’s nice to meet you”. ………. Shit!!! Say something…..anything…….he must see you blushing, he obviously can see how he’s affecting you moron…say something, my inner voice was yelling at me, all I could think of was “he has a fine ass, beautiful blue eyes, he’s gorgeous and he has a southern accent, ohhhh I’m in trouble”…..I managed to say Hi and work some flirty moves into the whole introduction (thank God for the rum and coke I was drinking), whatever I managed to do obviously worked because through-out the night we seemed to catch one anothers gazes.

“Jenny what’s his story”, I wanted to know all……. “ohhhh he’s a flirt, see that red headed girl over there talking to the blonde?, they have something going on but nothing special”….. I looked over and saw the girl that Jenny introduced me to earlier, she was flirting it up with a group of men so obviously the Major and her weren’t too serious. I noticed the Major heading back from the bar and decided to “run” into him on my way to the bathroom. He stopped me instantly with his charming grin and blue eyes, I don’t recall what we talked about in those brief moments, but what I can’t forget was the electricity I felt between us at that moment…ok, maybe it was that animalistic “I want you now” feeling. All I could think of was how I was I going to meet him again……and damn they sure raise them good in the south!!!


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