ME time interuptious….How do you decompress after work?


When I get home I have a routine, The Mister usually doesn’t get home for about an hour after I do so that leaves me time to decompress from my day at work. I let the doggies out of kitchen jail (which they have been cooped up in for 8 hours) and let them outside, change into my comfy clothes (yoga pants and tank top), I grab a quick snack and watch one of my reality shows that have been patiently waiting for me on the DVR (what a beautiful invention). By the time he gets home, things are in order, I had ME time and in most cases dinner is in the oven.

The last couple of weeks this hasn’t been the case, he’s been getting home around the same time as me, so instead of decompressing from my day at work and settling back into “sweet” ME mode I am automatically shifting into wife mode…….and yes, I am going through reality show and my guilty pleasure withdrawals (Smash and Revenge which he calls nighttime soap operas) in a huge way!!!!

By the time I got home yesterday he had been there for a good hour and right off the bat it was “so this Friday …………”, asking me question after question, as I tried to slowly escape into the kitchen to put away the groceries I could hear that he was still talking about this and that but of course my reply was “uhhhh???”  I proceeded to go back into the front room for more of what I have to do on Friday and all I wanted to say was “can you PLEASE save what you have to say for about an hour, I need to just chill and not get bombarded by questions or the itinerary for Friday or any day for that matter”…………but of course I smiled and listened all the while wishing I had a glass of wine but when he was done I grabbed my nook (my newest addiction) and went outside to read for awhile……I really needed to relax. Plus, I knew that if he kept going I would have probably said something not so nice to say and I PROMISED to be more aware of my “tone”, yeah I admit I can be a bitch at times.

As I began to unwind outside a scene from Sex and the City came to mind it was when Carrie and Aiden just moved in and she was faced with being bombarded with questions when she got home. Frustrated, she said to her girls “As soon as I walk in the door, he’s in my face with,”Who did you see, where did you go, what do you know? I need time to decompress, just be alone.”

How do you decompress from your busy work day?


One thought on “ME time interuptious….How do you decompress after work?

  1. You know what? I actually do what that eCard says. Except I do it with clothes on. I put my kid to bed at 8pm and after that I turn off the lights, put my dance music on my phone, plug in my ear buds and just move. It’s great exercise to.

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