Mothers it’s time to release your manchild from your bosom


What is it with mothers who refuse to let their adult sons grow up? I get calls frequently at work from mothers who call on behalf of their adult son asking to either make an appointment  or just checking up on the status of the sons account. When I ask how old the son is or pull up the person account I can see that the person in question is very capable of calling for himself but I am also aware that the mother refuses to release him from her boob……………which is probably sagging like a cows utter!!

I normally will request that I speak to the manchild because it’s time for him to grow up and take responsibility for something as simple as making his own appointment or checking on the status of his account. Sometimes I get some backlash with my request but I always respond with “well with all do respect your son if 42 years old and is capable of completing the call”.

Mommas boys truly drive me crazy, I married one a few years ago and that marriage lasted less than one year. Was his attachment to his mom partly to do with the demise of our marriage? I would say it played a good part in it. Any argument, any decision that we were facing to make was shared with his mommy and more times then none the words he spoke were those of his mothers because he was incapable of thinking for himself. I found out later that before I came into the picture his mommy paid his mortgage and other bills. When I called the police to come get his ass because he laid hands on me and my daughter, his mother came to the house and yelled at me for putting her son in jail. REALLY?? That took the cake, in her eyes her son could do no wrong.

I have a 17 year old son and when he was younger he WAS all about his momma but when he got older I refused to enable him. He had to learn to grow up and do things on his own. I remember when I asked him to do a load of laundry his reply was “I don’t know how and I don’t need to learn because when I have a girlfriend or wife she will do it for me” that kind of thinking made him do ALL the laundry the evening. HAHA

To those Mothers  who are enabling your adult boys, it’s time to release them from your bosom and let them become men. They are perfectly capable of calling for their own appointments, they are perfectly capable of making their own meals, doing their own laundry and finding a job to support themselves. You did your duty and raised him…’s time for you to live your OWN life.


6 thoughts on “Mothers it’s time to release your manchild from your bosom

  1. Ohhh no!!! hahhaa….my mother takes it to a different extreme, if I don’t call her or update her on my life she assumes that I don’t want anything to do with her anymore and then puts on a “feel sorry for me” guilt trip

  2. Amen! As a mom to two boys, I had to, on purpose, break away from the ‘enablement’ mentality. I wanted to raise leaders, entrepreneurs, and men! They worked at age 16, they were responsible for their grades, projects, checking accounts, insurance, and thank you cards. I never gave them an out from participating in their own lives on every level. I cheered them on at every point and guided them through to adulthood. They are 24 and 18 now. The 24 year old is living in his own apartment, bought his first new car, and loves his job. The 18 year old has worked at discount tire for the last 2 years, and is heading to college with his own money, and car. They can accomplish what they set their minds to. Thank God! Expect big things from your boys! They won’t disappoint.

  3. That’s for sure! LOL. Can’t believe he said that to you about doing laundry. Bet he was sorry.

    My first husband was a mamma’s boy BIG time. Drove me nutts!

  4. Ohhh I feel ya!! I didn’t really get the full sense of how big of a mammas boy “Mr Crazy” was until i was knee deep in his crazy!! I’m surprised his mommy didn’t come over to wipe his ass!!!

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