Country Newbie

I moved to the country less than 5 months ago and when I say “move” I really mean “MOVE”. I relocated from California to the Arkansas and instead of seeing a Starbucks and Target at the end of my block and waking up to the sound of sirens, I am greeted by acres of farmland, yellow daffodils and cows. Yes……cows.

I’ve learned quite a bit about what a country newbie should be aware of…..chiggers, ticks, and mosquitos oh my. My co-workers and husband have had many laughs at my expense due to my lack of knowledge of country living.  

This is how I shared one of my experiences to my coworker,Tracie.

So last night my furkid and I went for a walk down the street and when we got to the end of the block there were 3 groups of cows just hanging out by the fence so we headed on over there to just check them out. It’s not all the time that I had the opportunity to go chill with the cows in California. The furkid wanted to play with the teenage looking cows and I started to grab the tall grass and daffodils to feed to these cute farm animals.

“Did you just say teenage looking cows?” Tracie questioned with a smirk.

“Yes, you have the babies which are calves, then you have the teenage ones and then you have the big mommas and dads”

My coworkers stopped what they were doing and laughed. One corrected me and said “We don’t call them teenage cows, they are yearlings and then the moms are heifers and the dads are bulls and Miss Jolene they don’t hang out in groups, they gather in herds”

“Did you check for chiggers because they like to hang out in tall grass and on field flowers?”

“ohhhh yeah don’t get me started on the chiggers, my husband totally grossed me out about those little tiny hardly can see bugs called chiggers and other creepy crawlies that hang out in farmland and the woods”.  

This didn’t stop my lovely co-workers to continue to give me the run down on more creepy crawlies but they all gave me the look my husband gave me when I finished my story about my outing with my furkid.

With a smile and a look like “she’s definitely not from here, silly California girl”


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